ATetra was written to analyse microsatellite data obtained either from autotetraploid species or from allotetraploid species with uncertain or unknown inheritance patterns.  It is written in C++ programming language, which asks no intense computational demands. Subsequently, ATetra has no limitations on the number of partial heterozygotes within the data set.

ATetra combines the rigorous method of enumeration for small data sets with Monte Carlo simulations (MC) for large data sets.  In case of insufficient memory capacity, the program suggests using the Monte Carlo simulations. The mean and standard deviation of different genetic variables can be calculated for both methods: i) expected heterozygosity (HE), ii) expected heterozygosity corrected for sample size (HE)corr, iii) Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index (H’), iv) Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index corrected for sample size (H’corr), v) the evenness (even). The mean and 95% confidence interval can be calculated for vi) Nei’s measure of population differentiation (GST), vii) the interpopulational gene diversity (Dm), viii) the interpopulational gene diversity relative tot the intrapopulational gene diversity (RST) and ix) Nei’s genetic distance (D).

You can download the program, the manual and two example input files here:

ATetra software for windows
NEW VERSION (16/03/2010) !!