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Lightweight Structures

Lightweight structures form an increasing part of the built and urban environment. They are found in a broad range of structural typologies, from low-tech and low-cost developments to high-tech and sophisticated structural systems. Examples of such lightweight structures are large-scale membrane canopies, bridges, shelters, shading elements, etc. They all have in common that they use their material optimally by being designed and conceived in an ingenious way. Their architectural design and engineering cannot be separated in different problems, but should be solved and investigated in an integrated approach.

The design and engineering of lightweight structures is a discipline with many challenges and opportunities. The multidisciplinary research and innovation of these structures is continuously fed by evolutions and progress in related scientific disciplines and incorporates, for example, new computational design methods, new materials, numerical tools and modern computer driven manufacturing processes. The research being conducted at the Lightweight Structures Lab interacts with these related disciplines and implements new insights in the various stages in the development of a lightweight structure. New advanced material models and fabrication methods, more powerful numerical analysis tools, more accurate and sophisticated experimental equipment, but also new social and environmental needs, trigger and push further the challenging research on novel architectural lightweight structures.


A full list of the research and educational projects in which Lightweight is involved can be found on the projects page of this website.

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