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Workshop - Circular Retrofit Lab
Internal adaptable, demountable and reusable solutions for the Circular Retrofit Lab

This summer, Anne Paduart and Stijn Elsen are organising a 3-days Summer Workshop in the context of the ‘Circular Retrofit Lab’, the Belgian pilot project of the H2020 project ‘Buildings As Material Banks’. From Tuesday 4th of July until the 6th of July, student design teams will experience with a hands-on approach the challenges involved with the design and assembly of reversible and sustainable solutions. Students will be assisted by a technical TRANSFORM team, in order to successfully integrate innovative reversible wall solutions in an existing building context, i.e. the context of the Circular Retrofit Lab. This living lab is situated in 8 existing modules of the student village in the center of the VUB campus of Etterbeek.

Three different wall solutions, each with a different focus on assembly speed, sustainable materials (cardboard profiles, wooden frames, steel kit-of-parts), reversibility and future reuse will be tested in the living lab.

Also, each design team will be challenged to be creative and come up with new future applications for the building components that are used in each solutions. How can we create new interior fitting-out elements with the reclaimed components of the walls assembled in the living lab today? A TRANSFORM jury will reward the most promising solutions!

The living lab tests are sponsored by Geberit, Gyproc, Wall-LinQ and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The program of the workshop will be communicated soon!