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Design and construction of a bending-active reciprocal dome structure

In collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) in Copenhagen, we designed, developed and constructed the ReciPlyDome, a bending-active reciprocal dome structure. The project originated in the VELUX visiting professorship of Niels De Temmerman and is part of the PhD research of Stijn Brancart. Based on a rhombic triacontahedral geometry, the kit-of-parts structure consists of 40 identical, double-layered components and 5 shortened members to close the bottom ring. Using elastic bending to create these components simplifies the fabrication process and defines the structurally efficient and architecturally pleasing curved shape of the interwoven dome structure. The simplicity of the nodes, the uniformity of the structure and the possibility of pre-assembling base modules allow a low-tech, rapid assembly of only a couple of hours. The structure can be fully disassembled, stowed away and reconstructed.