BFUCC System and Network Information Service

CCinfo is a service from the Computing Centre to inform its users about possible problems (now or scheduled) with the Computing Centre computers, the RESULB and VUBnet network infrastructure or the BELNET connection to the Internet. Announcements cover planned downtimes, equipment failures, service quality degradations and the likes.

Update: Wed 7 Jun 2017 @ 14:27
POP/IMAP/SMTP no problems.
HYDRA We are planning a maintenance window on Hydra from 03/07 to 06/07 with a scheduled downtime.
A reservation will be placed on the cluster from 19/06. Jobs that can complete before the 03/07 will (continue to) run and those submitted with a walltime bumping into the maintenance window will be kept pending until the maintenance is completed.
NESTOR no problems.
VUBNET no problems.
RESULB no problems.
INTERNET no problems.
MS Office Microsoft has fixed a so-called zero-day vulnerability in Office which can lead to computers becoming infected with viruses and leak confidential information. Users should make sure to run the latest version of their Office version. Additional references:

Schedule for June 2017 :

The Shared ICT Services Centre (formerly known as the Computing Centre) is open and manned operations are assumed from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00.



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