BFUCC System and Network Information Service

CCinfo is a service from the Computing Centre to inform its users about possible problems (now or scheduled) with the Computing Centre computers, the RESULB and VUBnet network infrastructure or the BELNET connection to the Internet. Announcements cover planned downtimes, equipment failures, service quality degradations and the likes.

Update: Mon 27 Mar 2017 @ 15:43
POP/IMAP/SMTPno problems.
HYDRA no problems.
NESTOR no problems.
VUBNET The VUB wireless networks VUBnext, eduroam en VUBguest will be unavailable on Thursday, 30 March at 8:30 for max. 15 minutes for maintenance.
The VPN service (Juniper/Pulse Secure server) will be upgraded in the night of March 30th to 31st (Thursday onto Friday). Affected users will be personally informed.
More details: The controller of the old WiFi network, based on Trapeze technology, has been shut down permanently on 17/03/2017 with no impact on the VUBnext, Eduroam or VUBGuest networks.
RESULB no problems.
INTERNET no problems.

Schedule for March/April 2017 :

The Computing Centre is open and manned operations are assumed from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00.
The Computing Centre will be closed on Monday 17 April.



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VUB/ULB Computing Centre - 27 Mar 2017 - 15:43:49