NESTOR : the storage and archive server at the VUB/ULB Computing Centre

The Computing Centre is pleased to announce the upgrade of the storage and archive server NESTOR. The previous server replaced ORCA in 1999. ORCA's computing facilities were already transferred to ASTER in 1999. ASTER has been replaced in the meantime by HYDRA in 2006.

This new machine's characteristics are:

The server will retain its name NESTOR, which stands for NEtwork STORage server.

What's the name of the new Archive Server ?

How will this new service be integrated with the other machines at the VUB/ULB Computing Centre ?

The following computer scheme will be followed at the BFUCC :

Who can use NESTOR ?

All users with a HYDRA account will be granted access to NESTOR. An account will automatically be created for them.

All VUB members - students and personnel - automatically get an account on NESTOR. ULB personnel can request an account on NESTOR by sending an e-mail to Other members of the university can request an account by filling out the IDS registration form

You can verify if you have an account on NESTOR or if you can activate one by logging on onto the Personal Account Manger with your NetID (username) and password.

Modi operandi

As NESTOR will only serve as a storage and archive server, users will not be allowed to login on the server and work interactively.

Files can be transferred to and from NESTOR through FTP (normal and secure mode). Files on NESTOR can also be accessed directly from HYDRA (you can find them in the directory /a/username). Your personal storage and files on NESTOR can also be accessed by "mounting" it as an external drive. See the SAMBA documentation for more details.

In spite of the huge amount of diskspace, disk quotas will be imposed on NESTOR to allow every user a fair share of diskspace.


You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about NESTOR on the Computing Centre's website. For additional questions and/or problems about this new configuration, feel free to contact the User Support Group at:
Tel. +32 2 650.37.37 +32 2 629.37.37

VUB/ULB Computing Centre,
Created: 21 May 2001, Last update: 21 May 2013
Email: User Support Group.