Support's Q&A: Access to server denied

Below you will find some reasons why you do not get access. These are the most important ones.

Note: access to some public computerrooms is not handled by the Computing Centre, look for instructions or contact persons in the computerroom you have problems accessing the computers.

Reason Solution
You have not activated an account, or not completed your (re)activation request. Sometimes people activate their account, but forget to accept the Usage policy (you have to click a button to accept the policy). As a result, the activation procedure was incomplete, and therefore the account was not created. You can try to reactivate the account.
You have forgotten/mistyped your password Please see the password FAQ for suggestions and solutions (sections 3).
You have really forgotten/lost your password If you haven't activated your account for the current academic year, you will have to come to the Computing Centre to get a new password.
You are not using the correct username/loginname/netid The username/loginname/netid is a text of max. 8 characters long and it contains only small letters and numbers. Make sure you have entered it that way, and do not confuse the username with your email address !! Examples of usernames are: dpeeters, amleenhe, adubois, ...

You can always come to the Computing Centre to find out your username.

You are not giving the correct password for Blackboard (VUB). If you did activate your computer account, and try to logon on Blackboard for the first time, try to use your student number as the password to logon. Once you are logged on, you can change your Blackboard password.
Your mailprogram may be configured incorrectly Please verify and correct your mailprogram settings, you can find full details on the email configuration guide for different kinds of programs.
You are not granted access as you are no member of the faculty that manages the computerroom you are working in Some computerrooms on the campuses allow only certain categories of students to work in them. Please see the person in charge of that computerroom for details, or contact your own faculty to find out about places where you can work.
You can access your mail with Webmail1 but not with Webmail2 Webmail2 requires that you enter your full email address, and not just your username/loginname as you can do with Webmail1.

Webmail2 uses IMAP to access your mailbox on the server. If your mail arrives on a server where there is no IMAP service available, access will be refused. You can only use Webmail1 to access your mail in that case.

The system gives me an error message "Unable to process From lines" Simultaneously reading your e-mail messages with two different programs may cause corruption of your server mailbox. In that case, contact to get it fixed.

E-mail can be read using a large variety of programs (Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Webmail1, Webmail2, Elm, Pine, ...) but we strongly advise against using two different programs in the same time period. The risk of losing messages is very high.

You can login with telnet, but not in X11 or CDE (graphical environment) You have very likely exceeded your diskquota on the server. As the CDE (Common Desktop Environment) needs to write files in your homedirectory which it can't, you are instantly logged out from the server.

To solve the problem, login on the server with telnet, and cleanup some of your files. We have noticed that the CDE often creates CORE files in the $HOME/.dt subdirectories.

User Support FAQ - VUB/ULB Computing Centre
Created: 14 May 2001, Modified: 30 September 2003