Support's Q&A: User Registration


To manage the systems at the Computing Centre, the CC uses a database, the so-called IDS database. It contains all persons currently employed or studying at the universities VUB and ULB, as well as some other institutions linked to either university. All persons registered in this database have the right for an e-mail address at the university. They can activate it through the activation procedure.

Personnel and students

Personnel and students are automatically registered in the IDS database at the Computing Centre, though it may take a couple of days before a person is added into this database once he/she arrived (or enrolled) at the university. But eventually, he/she will be included and no further steps are required to register such a person.

External visitors and collaborators

ULB members: please see
VUB members: please see

Interuniversity programs

Students participating in a interuniversity program enroll in one of the universities that participate in the program, but not in the others.

Students who are enrolled at the VUB or ULB for such a program are considered as VUB or ULB students like the normally enrolled students.

Students who enroll at another university though require a special approval of the person who is in charge of the university program at the VUB or ULB. That person has the list of students participating in the program. By providing us the list of students, they can be included in the IDS database so that they can make use of the publicly available computer equipment at the university.

Departments and projects

As department and projects are not automatically registered in the IDS database, they also need to be registered first before an email address can be obtained. To do so, simply proceed as registering an unknown person through the User Registration Form which you find at

I want an account for calculation and development

Please see

User Support FAQ - VUB/ULB Computing Centre
Created: 6 November 2000, Modified: 21 January 2008