User/Service/Project Registration Form

The Computing Centre employs a database for managing user information on its systems. User identification data are retrieved from the personnel and student databases at the central administration department of the VUB and ULB. Therefore, the larger part of the academic community is automatically registered. However, exceptions occur due to the particular status of a person or to some other circumstances. In order to validate an unregistered member of the university, a special entry needs to be created. This form will assist this person's head of department in doing so. When filled out, the form will generate a printable letter, that has to be signed by the head of department and sent to the Computing Centre

      Vrije Universiteit Brussel       Université Libre de Bruxelles
      Rekencentrum                     Centre de Calcul - CP 197
      t.a.v. User Support Group        attn. User Support Group
      Pleinlaan 2                      Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50
      1050  Brussel                    1050  Bruxelles

Filling in this form only serves to register a person in the Computing Centre database. Upon successful registration, the requestor will receive an acknowledgement by electronic mail. The newly registered person can then make a request for an account on a Computing Centre system using the automatic activation procedure.

A copy of the letter can also be faxed to (02/650)3740 and/or sent by email at or


For all questions, please mail to the User Support Group or call (02/650)3737.

Fill out this form in your Web browser and
click the Create Letter button at the bottom of this form
Then print the letter, have it signed by the head of the department
and send it to the Computing Centre

Head of Department

Name and first name:
Mr Mrs
Professor Doctor Engineer
Department, Unit, Service: (Please use the official code, example YE053 (ULB), APNA (VUB))

Person/Service/Project to be registered

Type of user to be registered
Exchange Program Student
Visiting Researcher
Enrollment number (if available, leave empty if none):
Service/Project name (leave empty if you register a person)
Person Family name (for service/project, please specify name of person responsable)
Person First name(s) (for service/project, please specify firstname of person responsable)
Person title:
Mr Madam
Professor Doctor Engineer
Unit, Department, Service: (Please use the official code, example. YE053 (ULB), APNA (VUB))
Postal address at the university: (example CP 197 (ULB), TW APNA (VUB))
Phone-number at the office at the university:
Fax-number at the office (or secretariate) at the university:
Date of birth (leave empty if service/project)
/ / (example: 22/12/1966)
Preferred Language:
Period of validity/Person staying at university (format dd/mm/yyyy) from
/ /
/ /

Person's/Service's/Project's requirements

Person's/Service's/Project's loginname : (leave open if person has no loginname yet; can also be used to make a proposal for a loginname)
Service's/Project's email address : (only use in case of service or project - persons get an email address automatically ; leave open if no particular address wanted)
Machines on which access is requested:
  • MACH/pop (email & networking utilities) [ automatic ]
  • HYDRA (calculation & development)
  • NESTOR (file storage & archive facilities)
  • [ VUB ONLY ] ( hosting of a VUB departmental or project website on the VUB webserver)
    a mysql database on
    Enter the desired web-address:
  • Other

Confirmation of registration

E-mail address where the registration confirmation has to be sent to:

After selecting Create Letter the completed letter will appear on a new page. Print it using the Print command of your WWW-browser, or save it as Text for further processing, prior to sending it to the Computing Centre. Don't forget to have it signed by the head of department!

VUB/ULB Computing Centre
Created 14 March 1997, Modified 1 August 2008
Email: User Support Group.