The mission of the VUB/ULB Computing Centre.

The Brussels Free Universities Computing Centre (abbreviated to BFUCC) is a central academic service provided in common by the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel to both academic communities. It also serves a number of Belgian public and private institutions.

The BFUCC is a powerful tool to meet user needs. It offers high performance computing capabilities for scientific and technical applications as well as a wide range of general computer-based services such as electronic mail, data storage, database applications and software development environments.

The BFUCC is also hosting the BELNET concentration node for Brussels and manages a high bandwidth connection to this Belgian research network, Internet Service Provider to the Belgian universities and federal scientific community. BELNET is the VUB/ULB's ramp to the Internet.

Although operating with separate budgets, the University Network teams, VUBNET and RESULB are to a large extent integrated into the Computing Centre.

VUB/ULB Computing Centre, 30 March 1999
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