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Using diskspace from NESTOR
on your local computer

How to create a network drive to use NESTOR diskspace

You need to instruct your computer to "mount" your NESTOR directories on your computer as a network drive. It's like an additional harddisk.

To mount a network drive, go into the Windows Explorer, and go into the menu Tools. There you will find 'Map Network Drive...'. Select a drive and enter

\\nestor\username  or  \\\username  or  \\\username

You will then be asked to enter your password and if successful you will see your files from NESTOR on the "drive" you specified.

About Windows Explorer: you can find it under the Start Menu, in Programs (Windows 95/98/ME) or under the Start Menu, in Programs/Accessories (Windows NT/2k/XP).

Which password do I use: the password is the same as the one from your VUB/ULB username/network identity (e.g. dpeeters), for most people this will also be same as of their VUB/ULB email address.

To make this permanent you can check the option 'Reconnect at logon'. The drive will be mounted each time you logon onto your Windows computer.

Files that you store on this network drive are backupped by the Computing Centre.

If you have password problems, please see further below for suggestions.

IMPORTANT: On Windows 95/98/ME, you will have to logon into Windows with the same username as the one you have on NESTOR !!

Do I have an account on NESTOR?

All members of the VUB, ULB, Vesalius College en Erasmushogeschool Brussel automatically get an account on NESTOR when they activate their account for the first time. To activate a NESTOR account later on, one can do so by logging on onto the Personal Account Manager with one's NetID and password and activating it in the section 'My accounts'.

All users having an account on HYDRA also have an account on NESTOR, they can also access the files on NESTOR from HYDRA in the /a/username directory.

Other persons can request an account through our registration procedure

How much files can I store on NESTOR

By default, every user has 1 GB of diskspace on NESTOR . The number of files you can store is 10000. An error message will be displayed onto your screen if you cannot add any more files to NESTOR.

To see how much diskspace you have left, select the drive in My Computer and select Properties (right mousebutton).

My computer complains that the password for NESTOR is incorrect

If you are using Windows95/98, make sure that you logon into Windows with the same username as the one you have on NESTOR !!. On Windows NT/2k/XP you can specify that you want to logon onto NESTOR with another username.

If you still don't succeed mounting your NESTOR diskspace onto your computer, your password may not be stored in the correct (SMB) format. You can force this by re-introducing your password into the password change form

This applies mostly to personnel members, as students had to reactivate their computer account at the start of the academic year and thus the password is in the correct SMB format.

Can I also do this from home through my personal Internet provider?

No. At the present time, this kind of access is prohibited from outside the university, though this may change in the future.

Can I also do this from a Macintosh?

If you have MacOS X, you can do so from the Finder menu Go (Aller) and the item Connect to Server... (Se connecter au serveur...). Next enter the Address (Adresse)

smb://   or   smb://

where username is your username on NESTOR.

For MacOS 8 and 9, you will need special - commercial - software to do so. Contact for details.

How does it work

It works with special software, Samba, a collection of programs that implements the Server Message Block (commonly abbreviated as SMB) protocol for UNIX systems. This protocol is sometimes also referred to as the Common Internet File System (CIFS), LanManager or NetBIOS protocol.

The server acts as a Windows NT server which can be "mounted" on a local computer. Each user having an account on NESTOR can create a "network drive" for which the diskspace resides on NESTOR.

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Created: 21 February 2002, Updated: 25 January 2009
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