Computing Centre

Electronic mail (e-mail)

Activating a computer account : EN, FR, NL

Registering external visitors, projects and departments

How to send and receive electronic mail : EN, FR, NL, detailed information

WebMail : e-mail using a Web interface

Register e-mail addresses and aliases

How to forward your electronic mail to another address

How to indicate to your correspondents that you'll be absent.

My password is refused when I try to access my mail

E-mail antispam filtering at VUB/ULB

Executable mail attachment types refused as of 15 February 2005

MACH/POP : very large e-mail messages are refused

MACH/POP e-mail expiration policy

VUB/ULB E-mail Frequently Asked Questions document

ELM Frequently Asked Questions document

Majordomo and Mailman, a mailing list manager

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Created: 30 March 2001, Modified: 30 May 2005