Mailing list services

The Computing Centre offers 2 mailinglist servers: Majordomo and, more recently, Mailman. Both services are installed on a server at the Computing Centre. 

The servers handle requests that are sent to it, such as managing a list, (un)subscribing to a list, or distributing a message sent to the list's members.

Persons who would like to have a mailing list set up for them can make a request through the Mailinglist Request form (VUB/ULB personnel members only!).


Current version is 2.1.14

Mailman offers both managers and list members a webinterface to manage their list and their subscriptions. Mailman also includes an extensive online help for listmanagers.


Current version is 1.94.4

Majordomo is actually legacy software, as it has not evolved for years. All management for list owners and members is handled by e-mail (and only by e-mail).

To send a request to the mailing list system, mailinglist managers and (future) list members can send a e-mail with Majordomo commands to mailinglist server's address ( or

To get information on how to interact with Majordomo, send a mailmessage to with the word 'help' in the message body (not on the Subject: line).

If you are the owner (= manager) of a mailinglist that is hosted by Majordomo, have a look at the listowner's manual. See also the instructions for mailing to a moderated list.

To subscribe to one of the available lists, send a mail message to and add the following text in the message body (NOT in the Subject: header)

subscribe listname

Depending on the type of list, you will be subscribed to it automatically or a request for subscription will be sent to the list owner.

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Created: 13 October 1998, Updated: 8 March 2013
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