Request for a Majordomo or Mailman mailinglist

To request a mailinglist on the Majordomo or Mailman mailinglist server at the Computing Centre, please fill out the form below and submit it.

Note: only requests from VUB and ULB personnel members will be accepted.

Identification of the requestor:

Your name:
Your email-address:

About the list you wish to create:

Name of the list: (VUB members) or (ULB members)
Name of the listowner (the person in charge of administrative tasks, like subscribing...)
Email-address of the listowner:
Type of the list:
not moderated (anyone can send messages to the list)
moderated (only the moderator can send messages to the list)
semi-moderated (only listmembers can send messages to the list)
Name of the moderator (the person who approves a particular message is sent to the list)
Email-address of the moderator:
Subscription method:
auto (anyone can subscribe anyone)
open (anyone can subscribe him/herself)
closed (subscription to be approved by the listowner)
Replies on messages sent to the list have to be
sent back to the list
sent back to the original sender
Maximum size of a message:  (larger messages are sent to the moderator for approval)
What will the list be used for:
Preferred language for the list (only applies to mailman)

Mailinglist server:
Majordomo (old(er) type of listserver, management of the mailinglist is done by e-mail)
Mailman (more recent type of listserver, uses a webinterface for managing the mailinglist)

To make the request for this list, press the Request list button below. You will receive confirmation when the list has been created.

VUB/ULB Computing Centre,
Created: 2 May 2002, Modified: 8 March 2013