Print accounting and how to pay

How printing accounting works

The printing and plotting costs are charged daily to the user's account.

Users with zero or negative print credit are unable to print.

How to add print credit

You can check your print credit by logging on onto the Personal Account Manager with your NetID and password (section "My print credit").

Paper credit can be replenished as follows:

ULB and VUB students
can replenish their credit through the payable services form (min EUR 5.00).
See also the announcement on printing from the VUB public computerrooms
Refunding of a printcredit is only possible if the remaining credit has entirely been payed from a personal bank account and only for amounts above EUR 5.00

ULB staff
can replenish their credit by "bon vert", for a minimum amount of EUR 15.00, specifying the (list of) loginname(s) to credit and respective amounts. This bon vert has to be addressed to (and the original sent to):
ULB - Centre de Calcul - CP 197

E-mail :
Phone: 02/650.37.12
VUB staff
can replenish their printcredit from a centralized print-reserve. This year each department (= "vakgroep", not "onderzoeksgroep") has a maximum credit  from this reserve of EUR 125.00 ; requests have to be addressed by the head of the department to the Computing Centre by fax (02/6503740) or by emailing to, clearly indicating
1) the loginname of the user requiring the printcredit ,
2) the department and
3) the amount of printcredit wanted.

Additional credit: can be obtained through an internal payment order ("interne betalingsopdracht" - cannot be payed through Raptools !!), minimum amount of EUR 15.00, to be sent to the Computing Centre. Please specify 1) the loginname(s) of the user(s) requiring the printcredit and 2) the amount wanted for each user.
VUB - Rekencentrum

E-mail :
Phone: 02/650.37.12

Printer pricing

Printername paper format paper/print quality Price per page

in building B & K



Details (IR, HW)

Plotter pricing

For all details on the Plotter, see the Printing prices on the Webplot website.

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