Viruses - viruses and hoaxes

Lately, lots of persons have been receiving warnings about computer viruses sent by email and destroying hard-drives, computers, etc etc

While the threat of viruses nowadays is still a reality, a lot of recent warnings are not real and merely practical "jokes" (or more commonly known as "hoaxes").

You will find some useful hints about viruses on these and other pages of the Computing Centre, to make sure that you do not send the warnings you receive to everyone you know, without knowing for sure that the warning you have received is legitimate and could pose a real threat to you and your colleagues(' computers).

Some general guidelines are:

You can find the virus page of the Computing Centre at

So if you have received a warning about a virus from someone, please do not send it to other persons just like that. Make sure that it is a legitimate warning, or otherwise contact someone who may be able to give you further advice on the message and the (possible) virus.

This way, hopefully one day, we will succeed in eradicating those "hoaxes" from the Internet.

Thank you for your cooperation.

VUB/ULB Computing Centre - 12 January 1999