Registering your personal WWW homepage

Since December 1995, the Computing Centre offers the possibility for users to create personal homepages. It also includes a procedure to register a personal homepage for those wishing to.

Important: If you wish to avoid receiving unwanted email, don't publish your email address on your webpages.

Registering can be done at

Based on the specifications provided, your entry will be added to one of the following lists:

You can specify, among other things, your URL (of course) and your email address (optional!)

The list of registered personal pages can be found at

A reference to this list has been created on the ULB and VUB homepages server.

This registration procedure is of course not restricted to persons having their homepage at the Computing Centre. Any personal homepage of a member of the university can be registered here. Do note that only pages on VUB and ULB servers will be taken into account.

In case of problems or questions please mail to or

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Created: 19 May 1999, Modified: 9 February 2004