Statues, figures, fetishes, sculptures, puppets, dolls, door locks, carvings, statuary, game boards, gourds / calabashes / containers / receptacles / vessels, stools, backrests, headrests / neckrests, drums, hairpins,
in the collection of antique, classical, ethnic, ethnographic, ethno-tribal, native, ritual, traditional, tribal, so-called "primitive" art from Sub-Saharan black Africa

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The attributions of the origin of the objects is based on their stylistic characteristics and/or on the data provided by the seller and/or experts, but of course certainty cannot be reached.

Bamana / Bambara / (Baumana) / (Banbara) people/tribe from Mali, West-Africa


Female janiform figure in the style
of the Bamana / Bambara people or the neighbouring Marka/Warka and Bozo tribes/people