Books and journals published before the year 2000
available from in Antwerpen and Brussels, Belgium.
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(This list changes of course over time; once in a while, some books go and other books come)

Symbolisme in de negerkunst.
Bibliothèque Congo, Nouvelle Série No. 1.
Brussel: Vromant
83 pp., and 24 pages with 178 illustrations and figures on plates, index, 8vo wrappers.
Book is written in Dutch

available in 2017  48, 55 Euro
available from  for 20 Euro


Dans la boucle du Congo - La sculpture africaine
Edité par les éditions Grands Lacs à Namur (Belgique)
juin-juillet 1956
Couverture illustrée par une sanguine de François Goddard sur le 1er plat.
Nombreuses illustrations n/b et textes
Dans la boucle du Congo: la sculpture africaine et son destin par Vincent de Decker. L'art nègre au Congo belge par J.M. Jadot. Promesses de renaissance par L. Van den Bossche. François Goddard, sculpteur d'Afrique par G.D. Perier. Aux sources de l'Art congolais par A. Storms. et autres...
nombreuses illustrations noir/blanc, couverture originale.
Réunion de 5 articles sur la sculpture congolaise. (5 articles on African sculpture, texts in French).

available on Ebay in 2008  10 Euro
available in 2016 from*CGO for 15 Euro,
from Antiquariaat Wim de Goeij
(Antwerpen, Belgium) for 70 Euro,
from for 20 Euro

available from for 8 Euro


hotel drouot
18 décembre 1972
par le ministere de G LOUDMER/H POULAIN/C DE ST CYR
60 pp.
hard or impossible to find a copy for sale in 2015
available from for 69 Euro


GUIMIOT, Phillippe (ed.)
Afrikaanse beeldhouwkunst nieuw zicht op een erfgoed - Sculptures africaines nouveau regard sur un héritage: Honderd meesterwerken van het ethnografisch museum van Antwerpen en van privékollekties = Cent chef-d'oeuvres du musée ethnographique d'Anvers et de collections particulières
Meirsschaut & Zoon
87 pp.
Exhibition catalogue.
The Ethnographic Museum of Antwerp.
Numerous colour and b&w photographs.
Text in Dutch and French.

available in 2015 from CMG Art Books  40 $, from Vasco  60 Euro
available on Ebay in 2015  30 $
available from for 9 Euro


SABENA Revue-Indonesia. [Eerste druk; First edition]. SABENA TRAVEL GUIDE TO INDONESIA
96 pp.
Soft cover
Monochrome picture of a sculptured antique stone-head from Borobudur

numerous coloured and monochrome pictures after photographs, in text and full-page, extensively captioned in flemish, french and english, list of literature consulted, extensive editorial about the magazine itself with a subscription form, information about SABENA (Belgian National Airlines) incl. a world-map illustrating flight connections, monochrome map of the Indonesian Archipelago with extensive captioned text in flemish, french and english with keys, further editorial information about Sabena Airlines on VII pp.
Pictures with extensive descriptive text illustrate highlights of Indonesian national heritage and culture, including 6 detailed monochrome pictures after drawings with explanatory text in flemish, french and english illustrating respectively Bumisparça Mudra, Wara-Mudra, Dhyana-Mudra, Abhaya-Mudra, Darmacakara-Mudra, Witarka-Mudra, or the six principal positions of the hands of the Buddha, numerous coloured monochrome and illustrated sponsoring advert inside both outer covers.
lavishly illustrated and well-documented guide to the heritage, culture and natural history of Indonesia, published on behalf of tourists and those who travel by the Belgian National Airline "SABENA"
promotional magazine published twice a year since 1934

available in 2016 from from Blinde Reiziger for 12 Euro, from Antiquarianbooksellers GEMILANG (Bredevoort, GLD., Netherlands) 75 Euro
available from for 5 Euro


Daniel P. Biebuyck and Nelly Van den Abbeele
The Power of Headdresses: a Cross-Cultural Study of Forms and Functions
Published under the patronage of the Leopold III Foundation for Exploration and Nature Conservation
Tendi S.A. Brussels D/1984/001/0012/7
293 blz.
225 b/w and colour plates, 1 map
Comprehensive study of headdresses from Africa, Oceania and The Americas.
Oplage 2000 = only 2000 copies printed
30,5 x 22,5cm
Ingenaaid. Linnen band. Stofomslag
Hardcover, linen with paper dustcover
ca. 225 illustrations, photographies in B/W & colour
1,6 Kg
Engelstalige studie over hoofdtooien, ethnografisch.
Headdresses from Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas
Essays on headdresses as part of system of body modification, their special significance, acquisition, materials, functions, symbolism. wide-ranging study, covering Africa, asia, the Pacific and North & South America. (TRIBAL COSTUME, RELIGIOUS BODY MODIFICATION,...)

Ephemeral and Permanent Headdresses - Headdresses as Part of a Total System of Body Modifications - The Special Significance of Headdress - Acquisition, Ownership and Preservation of Headdresses - Materials - Functions and Meanings - Utilitarian Functions - Aesthetic Enhancement - Ethnic Identity - Sexual Differentiation - Display of Wealth - Social and Political Status -... (Kulturgeschichte)

available in 2014  58, 60, 67, 69, 70, 91, 114, 150 Euro, from Vasco 160 Euro
available from for 39 Euro


November 1984 issue of "African Arts"

Front Matter
African Arts 1984 18:1
First Word
African Arts 1984 18:1, 1-8
The Art of Cameroon by Tamara Northern
Marcilene Wittmer
African Arts 1984 18:1, 10-21
Luba Hemba: Werke unbekannter Meister by Johanna Agthe
E. Nii Quarcoopome
African Arts 1984 18:1, 21-22
African Myth and Black Reality in Bahian Carnaval by Daniel J. Crowley
Donald Cosentino
African Arts 1984 18:1, 22-86
Cross River Studies
Keith Nicklin
African Arts 1984 18:1, 24-96
Cross River Art Styles
Keith Nicklin and Jill Salmons
African Arts 1984 18:1, 28-94
Cross River Tombstones
D. R. Rosevear
African Arts 1984 18:1, 44-94
Reign of the Leopard: Ngbe Ritual
Elliott Leib and Renee Romano
African Arts 1984 18:1, 48-96
Qua Terracotta Sculptures
V. I. Ekpo
African Arts 1984 18:1, 58-96
Mbembe Men's Associations
Rosemary Harris
African Arts 1984 18:1, 61-96
Igbo Arts at UCLA
Herbert M. Cole
African Arts 1984 18:1, 64-69
Ekong Songs of the Annang
Arnold Udoka
African Arts 1984 18:1, 70-94
Njom among the Ejagham
Hans-Joachim Koloss
African Arts 1984 18:1, 71-93
Current Events
African Arts 1984 18:1, 74-75
African Ivories
Bernard de Grunne
African Arts 1984 18:1, 76-76
John Povey
African Arts 1984 18:1, 76-77
New Installation
Mary Jo Arnoldi
African Arts 1984 18:1, 78-79
African Masterpieces from the Musee de l'Homme
Flora Katz
African Arts 1984 18:1, 79-80
Ritual Art of the Sepik River: The Solomon Collection
Adelheid M. Gealt
African Arts 1984 18:1, 81-81
Beyond Boundaries: Highland Maya Dress
Margot Schevill
African Arts 1984 18:1, 82-82
A Bambara Master Carver
Allen Wardwell
African Arts 1984 18:1, 83-84
So-Called Minsereh Figures from Sierra Leone
W. A. Hart
African Arts 1984 18:1, 84-96
Arts of the Indian Americas: Leaves from the Sacred Tree by Jamake Highwater
Nelson H. H. Graburn
African Arts 1984 18:1, 86-87
The Traditional Pottery of Papua New Guinea by Patricia May, Margaret Tuckson
John Povey
African Arts 1984 18:1, 87-87
The Rock Art of Southern Africa by J. David Lewis-Williams
David Brokensha
African Arts 1984 18:1, 87-88
Costumes and Featherwork of the Lords of Chimor by Ann Pollard Rowe
Jill Mefford
African Arts 1984 18:1, 88-88
Ndebele Images by Natalie Knight, Suzanne Priebatsch
Monni Adams
African Arts 1984 18:1, 88-89
Art and Artists of Oceania by Sidney M. Mead, Bernie Kernot
John Povey
African Arts 1984 18:1, 89-89
The Tribal Style: Selections from the African Collection at the Peabody Museum of Salem by John Grimes
Monni Adams
African Arts 1984 18:1, 89-90
Back Matter
African Arts 1984 18:1, 99-100
Back Matter
African Arts 1984 18:1

not available anymore from the publisher = sold out
sold on Ebay in 2008  11 Euro
available in 2015 from Vasco  25 Euro
available from for 9 Euro


Enghien - Hotel des ventes
Arts Primitifs: Collection d'Art Africain de M. X... réalisée entre 1930 et 1950, et à divers amateurs
9 décembre 1984
24 pp.
120 Lots

sold on Ebay in 2007  10, 13 Euro, in 2008  24 Euro, in 2015  12 gbp
available in 2015 from Vasco  50 Euro
available from for 9 Euro


February 1985 issue of "African Arts"

sold on Ebay in 2008  14 Euro
available in 2011 in Brussels from Vasco  25 Euro, in 2015 from the publisher 10 $
available from for 5 Euro


Tribal Art
catalogue; auction of 2 December 1985
124 pp.
Written in English
all tribal art genres
Full of large glossy colour and monochrome images and full written descriptions attributing tribal and country origins.
This auction contained 465 lots of artefacts mainly from West and Central Africa with some from the Americas, South East Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Australia) (Ethnology, Maori, Baule, Dan, Pende, Yombe, Vili, Lega, Teotihuacan).

sold on Ebay in 2009  11 Euro
has been available for 45 AU$
hard to find a copy for sale
available from for 19 Euro


Georges Meurant
De Kunst van de Kuba / Kubakunst
16 pp.

available in 2017 25 Euro, from Vasco  50 Euro
available like new from for 10 Euro


Dagan, E. A.; Meagher, Stephen (editor); Noel, Jean-Claude (translator), Feldman, Rolf (illustrator); Hadlaw, Janin A. (illustrator)
The African calabash. La calebasse africaine. When Art Shares Nature's Gift = Quand l'Art s'Allie a la Nature
Galerie Amrad African Arts
236 pages

Dimensions: 11.5"H x 9"W x 1"D; 2.35 lbs.
Hardcover available for 40 US$ + shipping charges, in 2007
Language: English + French
ISBN-10: 0969308116
ISBN-13: 978-0969308119

soft cover available in 2007  35 Euro, in 2017  14 - 130 Euro
available like new from for 15 Euro


AKAN Terracotta Heads

Front Matter
African Arts 1989 22:4
First Word
John Povey
African Arts 1989 22:4, 1-8
Images from Bamum: German Colonial Photography at the Court of King Njoya Cameroon, West Africa, 1902-1915 by Christraud M. Geary
Doran H. Ross
African Arts 1989 22:4, 10-16
Object and Intellect Interpretations of Meaning in African Art by Henry John Drewal
Raymond A. Silverman and Whitney Davis
African Arts 1989 22:4, 16-85
African Art from the Rita and John Grunwald Collection by Diane M. Pelrine
Barbara Frank
African Arts 1989 22:4, 32-82
Akan Terracotta Heads: Gods or Ancestors?
Michelle Gilbert
African Arts 1989 22:4, 34-86
Remembering Ojiji: Portrait of an Idoma Artist
Sidney L. Kasfir
African Arts 1989 22:4, 44-87
Early Akan Gold from the Wreck of the Whydah
Martha J. Ehrlich
African Arts 1989 22:4, 52-88
“We Are Becoming Art Minded”: Afikpo Arts 1988
Simon Ottenberg
African Arts 1989 22:4, 58-88
New Acquisitions
African Arts 1989 22:4, 68-71
Current Events
African Arts 1989 22:4, 72-75
Africa and the Renaissance: Art in Ivory
Kathy Curnow
African Arts 1989 22:4, 76-77
Les Technologies Adaptees et Recuperation des Materiaux
Philip Ravenhill
African Arts 1989 22:4, 77-77
Noble Ancestors: Images from Africa
Fred T. Smith
African Arts 1989 22:4, 78-78
Messages to Gods and Men: Sculpture and Textiles of the Yoruba of Nigeria
Arthur P. Bourgeois
African Arts 1989 22:4, 79-79
Shapes of Power, Belief and Celebration: African Art from New Orleans Collections
Peggy McDowell
African Arts 1989 22:4, 79-80
Nigerian Life in Miniature: In Memory of Justus Akeredolu. African Vision. Yoruba Textiles
Frank Willett
African Arts 1989 22:4, 80-81
On Patronage
Sidney L. Kasfir
African Arts 1989 22:4, 81-81
Corrigendum: Africa and the Renaissance: Art in Ivory
Carol Thompson
African Arts 1989 22:4, 81-81
Four-Faced Gelede Masks
M. Vellard
African Arts 1989 22:4, 81-81
Symmetries of Culture: Theory and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis by Dorothy K. Washburn, Donald W. Crowe
Mary Frame
African Arts 1989 22:4, 82-83
Caveat Emptor
African Arts 1989 22:4, 82-82
Art of the South African Townships by Gavin Younge
Charles Ben Pike
African Arts 1989 22:4, 83-83
Afrique de l'Quest: Bronzes et Autres Alliages by André Blandin
Eugenia W. Herbert
African Arts 1989 22:4, 83-84
Ethnoart: Africa, Oceania, and the Americas: A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations by Eugene C. Burt
Daniel J. Crowley
African Arts 1989 22:4, 84-84
Mali: Land im Sahel by Bernhard Gardi
Renée Boser-Sarivaxévanis
African Arts 1989 22:4, 84-85
Back Matter
African Arts 1989 22:4

available in 2015 from the publisher  10 $
available from  4 Euro


Toos van Kooten en Gerard van den Heuvel (Red)
Sculptuur uit Afrika en Oceanie / Sculpture from Africa and Oceania
Een keuze uit de Collecties van Leden van de Vereniging Vrienden van Ethnografica
= A choice from the collections of members of the Association of Friends of Ethnographica.
Uitg: Rijksmuseum Kroller Muller Otterlo
With contributions:
Frank HERREMAN: Sculpture from Africa and Oceania - the History of an Evaluation,
Wilfried VAN DAMME: African Art from an African Perspective,
Dirk SMIDT: The Artist in Melanesia.
370 blz
in Dutch and English
13 maps
ISBN 9073313015
To celebrate the anniversary of the Association of Friends of Ethnographica, members of the association loaned 135 works for an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller. Superb objects from western and central Africa and from Melanesia were drawn from members' collections for this exhibition, perhaps unexcelled among exhibitions drawn solely from private collections. This beautiful catalogue (small folio-size, 8"x 12") of the exhibition contains several very well-written essays (in English and Dutch) and lovely, large photographs of the exhibited objects.

available in 2014 from Vasco  500 Euro
available from for 190 Euro


Galerie Ketterer Kunst
183.Auktion Teil 2 vom 17.04.1993
mit 46 Seiten und 563 Exemplaren

available from for 9 Euro


Musée royal de l'Afrique Centrale Tervuren
Musea Nostra
Credit Communal
127 pp.
ISBN-10: 9055440450
ISBN-13: 978-9055440450
680 g

2 chapters about ethnographic objects

available in 2015  19, 35, 40, 49 Euro
available from for 10 Euro


New York
Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, including pre-Columbian, American Indian, African and Oceanic works of art, colonial and 19th century Latin American paintings, silver and furniture : auction, Tuesday, February 4, 1997 at 2 pm and Wednesday, February 5, 1997 at 10:15 am and 2 pm 4-5 Febr. 1997
covers 732 lots most of which are shown in black and white and a few in color
Items are from Pre Columbian art (136 lots), Latin America art (60 lots), silver (13 lots), American Indian Art (156 lots), and African and Oceanic (232 lots).
William F. Ruprecht, commissaire-priseur

available from the author of this WWW site  for 10 Euro


Exhibition catalogue by Alain Nicolas, Jean-Hubert Martin, Jacques Kerchache, Monique Barbier-Mueller
African Faces, African Figures: The Arman Collection
Published and distributed by the Museum for African Art, New York
280 pp.
Cloth: ISBN 0-945802-21-8
LCCN: 97-069790
"This catalogue presents the best objects from one of the most significant private collections of African art, with of special importance having been collected by a leading contemporary artist."

Avec son épouse américaine Corice Canton, il a rassemblé un ensemble de très grande qualité d’objets africains de diverses régions et cultures tout en essayant de ne jamais créer un aperçu exhaustif de l'art africain de l'Afrique subsaharienne.

Contents :

- African art : stance and circumstance (Alain Nicolas)

- The sagacity of the artist (Jean-Hubert Martin)

- Amateur, accumulator, collector, connoisseur (Jacques Kerchache)

- Interview (Arman – Alain Nicolas)

- An encounter (Monique Barbier-Mueller-Arman)

- Catalogue of objects

- Notes on the objects (Contributions by Anne-Marie Boutiaux-Ndiaye, Luc De Heusch, Els de Palmenaer, Helene Joubert, Jacques Lombard, Alain Nicolas, Louis Perrois, Christopher Roy, Gustaaf Verswijver.)

- Appendices

This catalogue was originally published in French, with the title, Arman & L'Art Africain.

available in 2017  116 - 905 Euro
available like new in shrink plastic from  59 Euro


Meyer, Andreas
Afrikanische Trommeln - West- und Zentralafrika: Veröffentlichungen des Museum für Völkerkunde Neue Folge 65, Abteilung Musikethnologie IX
Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin
ISBN 3886092755
ISBN-13: 978-3886092758
Book is written in German
Mit 25 Musikbeispielen auf einer beiliegenden CD
Trommeln gehören in West- und Zentralafrika zum Instrumentarium nahezu aller ethnischen Gruppen. Ihr Stellenwert zeigt sich nicht nur in den anspruchsvollen Musikstilen, bei denen sie Verwendung finden, sondern auch äußerlich anhand der Vielfalt der Korpusformen, der bisweilen komplexen Fellbefestigungstechniken sowie in einigen Kulturen der kunsthandwerklich subtilen Dekorationen der Resonanzkörper.

Schlagworte: Musik, Afrika, Ethnologie, Anthropologie, Trommelmusik, Musikinstrumente, Westafrika, Kongo, Gabun, Kamerun, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Ethnomusikologie, Bechertrommeln, Faßtrommeln, Kesseltrommeln, Sanduhrtrommeln, Zylindertrommeln, Membranophone

available in 2012-2016 from Vasco  75 Euro
available as new and including the CD from for 20 Euro


Kataloog - Catalogue
15 december 1999
725 lots
112 p.
Art africain 415 lots dont ± 220 lots ill. en couleurs
Archéologie et art précolombien : ± 220 lots dont ± 50 ill. en couleur
Tekst tweetalig : Frans Nederlands. Texte bilingue français-néerlandais
Weight - Poids = 450 g
very scarce

available from  for 5 Euro


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