Databases and computerised information retrieval

Bibliography, recommended reading, for one chapter of the courses by Paul Nieuwenhuysen



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Text retrieval variations.

DBMS versus Text retrieval.

Main features of text retrieval systems.

Typical applications.


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About Topic (Verity)


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1. Introduction.

3. Inside retrieval: how it works.

5. Applications: mostly text.

7. Text content and data structures.

14. What to look for in a system.

15. Sources of further information.


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Chapter 4. Systems for information retrieval and data management.

4.1. Information retrieval systems.

4.2. Database management systems.

4.3. Graphical user interfaces and hypertext for information retrieval and database management.

4.4. Microcomputer assisted information retrieval and data communication.


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4. Language in information representation and retrieval

12. Artificial intelligence in information representation and retrieval


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Clarkson describes some of the recent work in data search, retrieval, visualization, and manipulation coming out of Xerox PARC. The Information Theater (a GUI) provides users with a number of impressive search techniques that employ natural language processing, user disambiguation, and data clustering to help searchers manage searches on huge full-text databases.


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Chapter 15 Evaluation of information storage and retrieval systems.



Main causes of failure


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3. Het hoe van het zoeken


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1. Introduction

2. Users

3. Data organization and retrieval software

4. Knowledge representation

6. Database management systems

7. Computer and communications hardware

8. User interfaces

9. Evaluation of systems and software

10. Controlled vocabularies for computer-based retrieval

11. Ideal systems


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Language and meaning

Controlled vocabularies

Controlled vocabulary in retrieval

Problems with controlled vocabulary

The natural language alternative

Citations for representation and retrieval

Problems with proper names

Representing images for retrieval




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Definition of NLP

Use of NLP in IR


Commercial use of NLP in IR


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1.      Introduction

1.1.   What is information

1.2.   What is information retrieval

13. Search strategy

13.1. The nature of searching reconsidered

13.2. The nature of search strategy

13.3. Types of strategies

13.4. Tactics

13.5. Summary


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5. Retrieval


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4. Information retrieval


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Technical approaches

User needs

Worldwide initiatives

Setting the research agenda




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1. Recording knowledge.

2. Classifying and indexing.

3. Searching.

4. Building and searching a database.

7. Evaluation.


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Retrieval technieken



Links and roles


De citaten-index

De KWIC index

Automatische attendering of SDI

De technieken van information retrieval

Full-text retrieval

Retrieval op basis van wegingsfactoren

Gestructureerd zoeken

Verschillende methoden uit documentatie-oogpunt


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A moment in history

Advent of the web

Beyond searching

Collaborative filtering

Data extraction

Data visualization

Agent technology

Pattern recognition

Classification and clustering

Virtual communities

What does all this mean?


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Trends in het onderzoek



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