Developing WWW documents and sites

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Where am I                                           (The importance of navigation)


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2. The FrontPage approach to organizing web sites

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4. Getting started with web pages

5. Adding and formatting text

6. Incorporating graphics

7. Building hyperlinks

17. Understanding the FrontPage Web Extensions

18. Creating and managing FrontPage webs

19. Working with FrontPage webs

23. Keeping your site up-to-date

24. Publishing your FrontPage web


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Why do we need an IA?

What does IA involve?

How does one build an IA?

Building an IA: approaches and stages

Outcome of an IA exercise



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What web logs can’t tell you

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Lesson 1. Electronic documenst and mark-up: introduction

Lesson 2: Character encoding: Latin and non-Latin scripts

Lesson 3. Formats of electronic pictures

Lesson 4. Presentational mark-up: HTML



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18. Future developments


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1.2. What the Web has to offer

1.3. History and evolution of the Web

1.4. The future of the Web


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Well formed XML documents

Valid XML documents

XML; the DTD

Presenting XML documents


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5. The World-Wide Web

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11. Web page construction

11.1 Remember the big picture

11.2 Working with text

11.3 Working with graphics

11.4 Tips for faster downloads

11.5 URLs and pathnames

11.6 Using tables and frames

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11.8 A webmaster's toolbox

11.9 Where to learn more


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7. Web graphics

8. Multimedia


[A no-nonsense book with good advice on how to create a web site. The text is independent of a particular type or brand of software, so that it is not immediately obsolete. In contrast with many books on this subject, it does not offer many spectacular screenshots and examples, but focuses on really sound and basic advice in the form of well structured texts.]


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Good Web page design



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What statistics are available?




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1. One Internet, many voices