Professional activities of Paul Nieuwenhuysen

Hoogleraar, voltijds (Professor, full-time) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.)

(Visiting professor at the University of Antwerp up to 2009.)

Involved in the management of the University Library,
at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.)

Coordinator of University Library with Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering, at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (V.U.B.)

Teaching: courses related mainly to (computer-based) information retrieval and presentation
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Paul Nieuwenhuysen is a full-time member of the academic staff at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, since 1983, nowadays as professor.
These days his functions include: member of the management board of the University Library, science and technology librarian, as well as teaching courses on online information retrieval and presentation.
At the University of Antwerp inter-university postgraduate 2-year program in Information and library science, he was guest professor responsible for courses on information technology and on the information market until the end of the program in 2009.

At the University of Antwerp he received the degrees of Licentiaat in Physics in 1974, Doctor in Science in 1979, the Belgian post-doctoral degree (named Geaggregeerde voor het Hoger Onderwijs) in 1983, and the inter-university postgraduate degree in Documentation and library science in 1986.

He has organized 14 international training courses on management of information in science and technology and has been project leader of a co-operation with the National Agricultural Library of Tanzania 1998-2008.

He is author or co-author of more than 30 refereed publications in international scientific/technical journals, he is a member of several societies and of the editorial board of journals in the area of information science, and he has been a consultant for various international agencies.

Paul Nieuwenhuysen is voltijds hoogleraar aan de Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Hij behaalde de diploma's van licentiaat, doctor, en geaggregeerde voor het hoger onderwijs (in de wetenschappen), plus de Speciale Licentie in Bibliotheek- en Documentatiewetenschap, aan de Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen (nu opgenomen in de Universiteit Antwerpen)..
Hij draagt zorg voor de informatievoorziening in de wetenschappen en ingenieurswetenschappen en doceert i.v.m. wetenschappelijke informatie en communicatie.
Daarnaast was hij gastprofessor aan de Universiteit Antwerpen in de 2-jaar postgraduate studieprogramma's in informatie- en bibliotheekwetenschap.
Hij is actief in het kader van wetenschappelijke verenigingen, tijdschriften, projecten, congressen, consultancies, ontwikkelingssamenwerking en internationale trainingprogramma’s.

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