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You can obtain articles: by requesting articles via inter-library lending (ILL)

The VUB has 2.500 current periodical subscriptions. The university library policy is to make as many periodicals as possible available electronically In the long run the library will move from print and electronic subscriptions to electronic-only subscriptions.

Authentication is based on IP adress recognition by the publisher or VUBnet NetID and password. An IP-adress is a particular string of numbers. All PCs at the VUB campus comply with an IP range which is particular to our institution. We have given the publishers our IP ranges in order to have access to their publications. Some publishers (also) authenticate using a password. Due to maintenance problems, however, this is not a realistic solution for the library: if distributed to the users the library cannot guarantee the secrecy of the passwords . More information about EZ-proxy.

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Unicat is a catalog of Belgian scientific libraries (eg universities, colleges, heritage institutions, museums, KB). It contains bibliographic descriptions of both magazines, books and multimedia. Relevant for the user in the region of Brussels are the holdings of the VUB, ULB and the Royal library Albert I (KBR) in Unicat ( a detailed user guide for Unicat you find here). The VUB and ULB reading rooms in Etterbeek (excluding the medical libraries) are within walking distance of each other (15 to 20 minutes). In addition both libraries have made arrangements for reciprocal use of their libraries. Some journals are acquired and managed by departments or scientitific units. Registration and an annual fee are required to use the Royal library (no lending: on the spot consultation only). Collectively the three libraries have a collection of more than 5.000 journals, so there is every likelihood that you will find what you are looking for. A complete overview of periodicals in Belgian libraries may be found in Unicat. From Unicat it is possible to use the V-Link button to verify whether an electronic version is available, and to place ILL- requests for items that are not available in the university.

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Article descriptions found via external databases

Several bibliographical databases are available on the information market. Some are specialized, others are multidisciplinary. Elsewhere on our website a full list of relevant bibliographic databases may be found (alphabetical and by subject). Some databases are funded by the Flemish government and are available for all scientific libraries in Flanders (Elektron project).

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Using inter-library lending

When a article is not available in one of the three libraries, it is recommended to use inter-library lending (ILL). The Central library and Medical library of the VUB have inter-library lending services (for articles from journals not listed in the VUB catalogue only). A registered user can fill in an online ILL request. The request includes bibliographical information about the article and personal information about the applicant. An ILL request may also be filed via the ILL desk of the library.

It is recommended to use Google Scholar to formulate an ILL request. The V-link button can be find behind de link 'meer' ('more') under each search result. Unicat also offers an ILL request module. If the journal and /or article cannot be found in Google Scholar or Unicat, the user may use the self-service of the university library personalized services. Once the request has been transmitted to the ILL service, the library may inform you electronically about further dispatching. EAs soon as the article has arrived, the user is invited to collect the article from the ILL desk or the article is sent to the user by mail. But in most cases the user can download an electronic version of the article (Portable Document Format -- PDF requires installation of Acrobat Reader software ) from the VirLib server. The ILL service is not free of charge. Fees are included as part of the ILL rules .

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