The provisional program for our weekend together...

Here's an outline of the scientific part of the program.

- Saturday (April 8):

9.15 MEETING POINT AT SQUARE DE L'AVIATION (in front of Hotel Ustel),
                                   for people staying in the hotels near 'Gare du Midi', or anyone  else of course
                                   (we will travel together to Les Bains).
9.30 Welcome to all participants in 'Les Bains', Brussels;
10.00 Start lectures;

        10.00 Bill Lawvere, "Toposes of laws of motion."
        11.00 Dominique Bourn, "Protomodularity and strong protomodularity."
        12.00 Jiri Rosicky, "Injective hulls are not natural."

13.00 Lunch offered by us;
14.30 Some more lectures;

        14.30 Claudio Hermida, "Coherence implies Universality."
        15.20 Mamuka Jibladze (& Teimuraz Pirashvili), "Central extensions and nilpotence for Lawvere theories."
        16.10 Break
        16.30 Pedro Resende, "Quantales as spaces of dynamical systems."
        17.20 Mike Heather, "Philosophical aspects and fundamentals of applicable category theory to subjects like quantum theory."

19.30 Dinner offered by us.

- Sunday (April 9):

10.00 Lectures;

        10.00 Isar Stubbe, "A word on next week's workshop."
        10.30 Jim Lambek, "Deductive systems and categories."
        11.30 Jean Benabou, "Partial functors and generalised fibrations."
        12.30 Conclusion, ...

13.00 Lunch offered by us.
14.30 Outing to Brussels (with professional guidance), ...