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I studied at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), first obtaining a Masters in Theoretical&Mathematical Physics (1995-1999), followed by a Masters of Science in Computer Science (1999-2000). Currently, I am working as a PhD research student at FUND (Foundations of Exact Sciences), a research group investigating the foundations of physics and mathematics, which is closely related to CLEA (Centrum Leo Apostel), the interdisciplinary research department of the VUB. However, I am currently visiting the School of Computer Science at McGill University, Montreal. My research is situated in the field of quantum computation - please consult the research page. I am also employed as a teaching assistant of the math department of the faculty of sciences at the VUB, for which I have to teach math to computer science students - please consult the teaching page for an overview.



You can reach me through one of the following ways (I prefer communication via email):


+32 2 629 13 53


+32 2 629 35 25


surface mail

CLEA c/o Ellie D'Hondt
Krijgskundestraat 33
B-1160 Brussels