Diederik AertsProfessorfoundations of physics, quantum structures, cognitive science, economics


Sven AertsResearch Assistantprobability theory, quantum mechanics
Olivier AuberResearch FellowCollective computer-supported artistic creation
Valérie AucouturierResearch Fellowphilosophy of mind and action, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of language
Lester BeltranResearch Assistantquantum information retrieval, natural language processing
Petter BraathenResearch FellowAction ontology; role of paradoxes in social systems; application to management
Jan BroekaertPost-Doctoral Fellowquantum structures, cognitive science
Evo BusseniersResearch AssistantMathematical models of self-organization and hierarchy in networks and society
Wim ChristiaensPost-Doctoral Fellowmetaphysics, cinema
Erik ClaesLecturer, Post-Doctoral Fellowphilosophy, hermeneutical ethics, human dignity
Marek CzachorProfessor University of Gdanskquantum computation, quantum geometry
Bart D'HoogheAssistant Professorquantum structures, decision theory, cognitive science, economics
Karen De LoozePost-Doctoral Fellowmedical and bioethical anthropology, intercultural philosophy
Liane GaboraAdjunct Professorcognitive science
Suzette GerienteResearch Assistantquantum cognition, natural language processing
Gert GoeminnePost-Doctoral Fellowmetaphysics, science and the politics of sustainability
Francis HeylighenProfessorsystems theory, cybernetics
Hans HeymansPost-Doctoral Fellowcategory theory, quantum logic
Federico HolikResearch Fellowquantum structures, quantum information
Felix Ulombe KaputuDoctoral StudentIdentities, social change and globalization, anthropology
Mixel KiemenResearch AssistantEvolutionary cybernetics, self-organization, and distributed cognition applied to innovation and education
Robert Drury KingResearch Fellowphilosophy, systems theory, constructivism, evolution
Cadell LastResearch AssistantFuture evolution scenarios; evolutionary anthropology
Marta LenartowiczPost-Doctoral FellowSocial systems, Luhmann, language games
Pieter MeursPost-Doctoral Fellowphilosophy, hermeneutics and selfunderstanding
Nicole NotePost-Doctoral Fellowphilosophy, meaningfulness, ethics
Jaroslaw PykaczProfessorfuzzy set theory, quantum logic
Lorena Pérez-GarcíaDoctoral StudentICT, media identity, antropology
Apara RanjanPost-Doctoral Fellowcreativity, concept research
Alexander RieglerPost-Doctoral Fellowcognitive science, philosophy of science, constructivism
Federica RussoResearch Fellowphilosophy of causality and probability, philosophy of technology
Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi Research Fellowfoundations of physics, cognitive science, consciousness studies
Sandro SozzoResearch Fellowquantum structures, cognitive science, economics
Øyvind VadaResearch FellowEvolution, complexity and cognition concepts applied to memetics
Yoni Van Den EedeAssistent Research Professor, Post Doctoral Fellowphilosophy/ethics of technology, philosophy/ethics of media, media ecology
Ellen Van KeerResearch Assistantclassical archeology, mythology
Robrecht VanderbeekenResearch Fellowphilosophy, art, technology
Viktoras VeitasResearch AssistantGlobal brain and agent simulation; AI models of the emergence of symbolic cognition
Tomás Veloz GonzálezPost-Doctoral Fellowquantum structures, cognitive science, economics
Kris VerburghResearch Fellowaging, medicine, evolution
Karin VerelstPost-Doctoral Fellowphilosophy, ontology
Clément VidalPost-Doctoral Fellowphilosophy, cosmology
David R. Weinbaum (Weaver)Research AssistantFuture evolution of the human mind; complexity philosophy of Deleuze
James WhitacreResearch Fellowevolution, complex systems, cancer
Michael WoodleyResearch Fellowevolutionary theory, psychology, sociobiology
Christian de RondeResearch Fellowphilosophy of physics, quantum structures
Wim van DaelePost-Doctoral Fellowanthropology, sociology


The following people have their main activity elsewhere, but participate in the research done by CLEA.

Jan BernheimProfessor emeritusoncology, medical ethics
Olaf DiettrichResearcherphysics, theory of science
Graciela DomenechResearch Fellowquantum structures, quantum logic
Carlos GershensonResearch Professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Méxicocomplex systems research
Katarina PetrovićArtist and researcherart and science, (meta)physics, language
Sonja SmetsAssociate Professor University of Amsterdamphilosopy, logic
Marek ZukowskiProfessorquantum optics, foundations of quantum physics


Johan BollenAssociate Professor at Indiana Universitypsychology
Stan BundervoetResearch Assistantmusic, sociology, epistemology
Tina ChatzaraPhD studentmultimedia
Bob CoeckeProfessor University of Oxfordquantum structures, category theory
Ellie D'HondtPost-Doctoral Fellowquantum computation
Johan DeklerckProfessorcriminology
Anouk DepuydtPost-Doctoral Fellowcriminology
Nick DeschachtPhD Studenteconomics
Leor GründlingerResearch Assistantcomputer science, economics
Scott Barry KaufmanDirector of the Imagination Institute, University of Pennsylvaniacognitive science, philosophy of creativity
Sean KellyGraduate Studenteducation, mathematics
Bertin MartensChief of Economics at the European Commissioneconomics
Ernest MathijsProfessor University of British Columbiafilm studies
Bert MosselmansAssociate Professor at Roosevelt Academyphilosphy of economics, history of economics
Michael PleumeekersStudentconstructivism
An VranckxAssistant Professor at University Ghentscience for policy


The Scientific Council of CLEA is responsible for the long term policy of the Center.

Diederik AertsProfessorfoundations of physics, quantum structures, cognitive science, economics
Diderik BatensProfessor Emerituslogic, philosophy of science
Marc De MeyProfessor Emeritushistory of science
Bart De MoorProfessorengineering
Serge GutwirthProfessorfoundations of law
Francis HeylighenProfessorsystems theory, cybernetics
Jean Paul Van BendegemProfessorlogic, philosophy of science
Marie-Claire Van de VeldeProfessorbiology
Jan Van der VekenProfessor Emeritusphilosophy

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