Wim Van Daele

PhD Student


  • Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology (KUL 2001), dissertation: The evolution of the Gender/Sex System in Globalizing Thailand.
  • Postgraduate in Cultures and Development Studies (KUL 2005), dissertation: Cultural Social Action: Envisioning a Culturally Engaged Approach to the Design of Action within Social Movements. Fieldwork report: The Cultural Meaning of Rice: Globalising Influences affecting the Relation between Rice, as a Life sustaining Essence, and Social Reproduction, Religious Life and Way of Life of Farmers in Palugaswewa in Sri Lanka.

Research Interests

Food studies, ritual, Sri Lanka, South and South-East Asia, social change, social and religious movements, environmental relations.

E-mail and contact

wvdaele (ad) vub.ac.be
Centrum Leo Apostel
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Krijgskundestraat 33, B-1160 Oudergem, Belgium
Phone: + 32 2 644 26 77
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