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Identity and Otherness

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What is this workshop about? In the framework of our research community on the Construction of Integrating World Views, the Center "Leo Apostel" organizes an electronic workshop on "Identity and Otherness". This theme encompasses a number of fundamental questions: What distinguishes the self from the other? How does an identity emerge? How do we draw boundaries between inside and outside, between system and environment, between the "us" and "them"? How can we categorize different appearances, states or situations as belonging to the same phenomenon?
This fundamental issue runs through the whole of science and philosophy. As such, the answer to these questions defines an essential building block of an eventual integrating world view. The subject of identity and otherness has been studied in various disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, biology, psychology and sociology. Contributions from all those approaches are welcome.
Participants with special expertise in the various aspects of the issue have been invited to expound their view on the subject in "topics" that are electronically published on this website. Other participants can directly reply to each paragraph of these topics, and these replies are appended at the end of the topic. Discussions are organized as "threads", like in newsgroups, which can be opened or collapsed.

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