9th Biennial IQSA Meeting

Quantum Structures
Brussels-Gdansk '08

July 6-12, 2008 — Sopot, Poland


Student's dormitory

We have booked rooms for 70 participants in a student's dormitory that is located 100 meters from the conference site. This dormitory was recently renovated. Accomodation will be provided in units consisting of two two-bed rooms, WC & a shower. In some units there is a small kitchen. A limited number of rooms with three beds is available. It is possible to rent a 2-bed room by one person only. Prices per room per night are approx. as follows: 2-bed room = 35 EUR; 3-bed room = 50 EUR.

See section Photographs for some photos.

Here is a map of the location of the students' dormitories and the conference site:

Participants who'd like to stay in a student's dormitory should contact and state the dates of arrival and departure, and whether they'd like to rent the whole room, or they prefer to share it with someone (in such situation it'd be good to state with whom, but this is not necessary). Payment will be executed, in Polish Zlotys, during the conference. Booking will be on the "first come, first served" basis until there are no rooms left. It'll be possible to have a breakfast (for a very moderate price: 2-3 EUR) in a University cafeteria that is located in another building 50 m. from the dormitory.

Registration Office

The addres of Student Dormitory No 7 (in Polish: Dom Studencki No 7): Sopot, Armii Krajowej 111. Here will be the registration office on the 5th and the 6th of June from 8:00 till 21:00 (later on we'll move the registration office to the Conference Center). Everyone that will stay in this, or the neighbouring Dormitory No 8, should go there.
From this place there's only 150 m. to the Conference Center of the University of Gdansk (the way from Students Dormitory to the Conference Center will be clearly marked). It is situated on the back of the neighbouring building of the Economic Faculty (Armii Krajowej 119/121). University Cafeteria, where we'll have lunches (and where people that'll live in Student Dormitory No 7 can have breakfasts), is in this building, so everything is within 150 - 200 m distance.


Those who prefer to stay in a hotel should arrange their lodging themselves, which can be easily done by internet. There are several hotels in Sopot, and practically all of them are within walking distance from the conference site.


Address: Haffnera 59, 81-715 Sopot
Telephone/Fax: +48 58 550 99 99 / 550 98 00
Web: www.hotelhaffner.pl
E-mail: office@hotelhaffner.pl


Address: Pl. Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, 81-704 Sopot
Telephone/Fax: +48 58 555 58 00 / 555 58 41
Web: www.hotelrezydent.pl
E-mail: rezerwacja@hotelrezydent.com.pl

Dworek Admirał

Address: Powstanców Warszawy 80, 81-712 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 550 37 78
Web: www.dworek-sopot.pl (only Polish version)
E-mail: admiral@dworek-sopot.pl

Villa Sedan

Address: Pułaskiego 18–20, 81-762 Sopot
Telephone/Fax: +48 551 06 17
Telephone: +48 58 555 09 80
Web: www.sedan.pl
E-mail: sedan@sedan.pl

Villa Aqua

Address: Zamkowa Góra 35, 81-713 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 522 44 00
Web: www.villaaqua.pl
E-mail: recepcja@villaaqua.pl

Suggested fast reservation.

Villa Amber

Address: Grunwaldzka 45, 81-754 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 550 31 83
E-mail: amber.sopot@neostrada.pl

Hotel Bursztyn

Address: Emilii Plater 12/19, 81-777 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 551 40 68
E-mail: hotel@combidata.pl

Lodging house Irena

Address: Chopina 36, 81-786 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 551 20 73
Web: pensjonat-irena.gda.pl
E-mail: biuro@pensjonat-irena.gda.pl

Cottages near hotel Maryla

Address: Sępia 22, 81-713 Sopot
Telephone: +48 58 551 00 34
Price: four persons cottage, without bathroom: 140 PLN, ca. 39 €

Cottages near stud farm

Address: Polna 1, 81-745 Sopot
Telephone/Fax: +48 58 551 20 11 / 555 07 79
Web: www.nahipodromie (only Polish version)


Below you can find a map of Sopot with the conference site and hotels marked on it. (Note: we have tested this webpage for Internet Explorer, possibly other browsers could encounter some problems with displaying the google-map.)

View personalized Sopot map in the Google Maps.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Sopot is in Poland considered as Polish "Summer Capital", fashionable and eagerly visited by VIPs and others, so it is strongly recommended to book lodging as early as possible!