9th Biennial IQSA Meeting

Quantum Structures
Brussels-Gdansk '08

July 6-12, 2008 — Sopot, Poland

Voting Instructions:

In order to vote please proceed as in previous elections, i.e.: print and cut the ballot below, check the boxes next to the names of the candidates you wish to vote for, put the ballot into an empty envelope and seal it, write on this envelope ONLY: "IQSA elections 2008", put this envelope into another one, put your name on the outside of the outer envelope and add again:"IQSA elections 2008" (for identification of sender and purpose), send it to the organizers of the Sopot IQSA Biennial Meeting (address given below), or take it with you to Sopot. Immediately before the General Assembly it will be checked whether your membership dues are paid (hence do not forget to put your name on the outer envelope), and if yes (you can also pay your dues in Sopot), your inner envelope will be anonymously added to the urn. Then all envelopes will be opened and the votes counted.

Mailing address for your vote (especially if you cannot bring it to Sopot; to counter possible delays in the processing of "snail mail", please send your vote at your earliest convenience):

Prof. Jaroslaw Pykacz
Institute of Mathematics
University of Gdansk
Wita Stwosza 57
80-952 Gdansk, Poland


PRESIDENT (for two years) (choose with cross at most one candidate)

SECRETARY (for two years) (choose with cross at most one candidate)

COUNCILLORS (for four years) (choose with cross at most six candidates)

NOMINATING COMMITTEE (for four years) (choose with cross at most two candidates)

Version for printing: You can also download the ballot in the form of a pdf file.