The Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science Presents:


Seminarie: Logica & Informatica 2003

Monday, 31 March 2003

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel

Within the framework of a seminar on logic and computer science, the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science organizes a small workshop, under the name SLI-2003.  The topic of this year's workshop will be devoted to the area of research involving logics dealing with "processes", "changes" or "interactions" in the fields of computer science and quantum physics.  Indeed, changes of states and interactions between a particular system and its context or environment, is of crucial importance in both mentioned fields.  As such we essentially present a program where the talks touch upon current research in : game semantics, dynamic logic,  epistemic logic, game theory and quantum logic.  Capturing the points of focus in several keywords, we surely have to mention "flow of information", "interaction", "(quantum) strategy", "(quantum) computation", "logic of knowledge".

We are proud to announce the participation of three visitors from Oxford University. Samson Abramsky recently succeeded Tony Hoare as holder of the prestigious Christopher Strachey Chair of Computing at Oxford University. He is a world authority in theoretical computer science and logic. For example, he was the main developer of game semantics, he is the general chair of the international symposium series "Logic in Computer Science" and is the series editor of the Handbook of Logic in Computer Science.  Alexandru Baltag who obtained his PhD from Indiana University under supervision of John Barwise, is a leading researcher in epistemic and game logic.  Bob Coecke obtained his PhD at the VUB in theoretical physics, recently joined Comlab and is specialized in the area of quantum structures.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature, the workshop is intended to be of interest at least to philosophical and mathematical logicians, computer scientists as well as theoretical physicists.


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Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussel

Take a look at the campus-map:

The first session takes place in building D:
Building D is located next to building C where the library is.
Take the main entrance, go upstairs, Room 2.01 (also called "promotiezaal") is on the first floor, first door at the left.

The second session takes place in building M:
Building M is the main administration building on the VUB-campus (the only one with a half-round shape), Room M429 (also called "zaal De Brock") is at the end of the hallway on the 4th floor.

Reaching the VUB by car: look at the following area-map
There is parking space under building B and C where you automatically end up by taking campus interance-number 12 from the pleinlaan.

Reaching the VUB by train: "Station Etterbeek" located on the Generaal Jaqueslaan, is just a 3 min. walk away

Reaching the VUB by metro:  Metro station Petillion and Metro station Delta are a 15 min. walk away from the VUB-campus, look at the subway-map.

Reaching the VUB by bus/tram:

Tram 3: (to Churchill) exit 2nd stop Lansiers
Tram 90: (to Rogier) exit 2nd stop Lansiers
Bus 34: via Waverse Steenweg
Bus 71: (to Delta) exit Fraiteur
Bus 95 and 96: exit Kroonlaan - Gen. Jacqueslaan
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