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Contextual Research in law (CORE)

The research group CORE (COntextual REsearch in law) groups together several disciplines of legal studies (legal history, legal theory, comparative law, sociology of law, jurisprudence, philosophy of law) within the Department of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (JURI) of the Faculty of Law and Criminology of VUB.
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Just Published: Friedrich Gentz 1764-1832: Penseur post-Lumières et acteur du nouvel ordre européen (Oldenburg/De Gruyter, Series Pariser Historische Studien, vol. 106) by dr. Raphael Cahen (Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, CORE).

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Prof. em. dr. Jef Van Bellingen retired on the same date. He will be celebrated with a Liber Amicorum (Bewogen door maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen. Liber Amicorum Jef Van Bellingen, VUBPress) edited by Prof. dr. Paul De Hert and Prof. dr. Frederik Dhondt, 266 p. ISBN 9789057186929.

Contributions in Dutch and French by Prof. em. dr. Maurice Weyembergh (VUB/ULB), prof. em. dr. Jacques De Visscher (St Lucas/Nijmegen), prof. em. Else Walravens (VUB), prof. dr. Mustafa Latifi (Tunis), prof. dr. Jean-Marc Piret (VUB), prof. dr. Serge Gutwirth (VUB), Prof. dr. Marc Van den Bossche (VUB), Prof. dr. Johan Stuy (VUB), Prof. dr. Jeffrey Tyssens (VUB), Prof. dr. Frederik Dhondt (VUB/UAntwerpen), Prof. dr. Stefan Somers (VUB), prof. dr. Ann Pauwels (VUB/KULeuven), Prof. dr. Eric Brewaeys (VUB/Council of State), Prof. dr. Philippe Colle (VUB/Assuralia), dr. Johanna Brankaer (Münster), dr. Chiheb Laalai (Tunis), Mr. Frank Judo (KULeuven/Liedekerke), dra. Imen Raihi (Tunis), drs. Maarten Colette (VUB) and Jan van den Brande (
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Follow us on twitter: @VUB_CORE. This account is managed by dra. Kaat Cappelle and dra. Stephanie Plasschaert.

Call for Papers: Joseph-Marie Portalis (1778-1858): diplomate, magistrat et législateur (deadline 15 Dec 2017). Prof. dr. Nicolas Laurent-Bonne (Université d'Auvergne) and dr. Raphael Cahen (Marie Curie Fellow, CORE) co-organise a conference in Paris on 'Portalis le jeune'. All information in the call here.

New members: per 1 Oct 2017, Prof. dr. Niels Van Dijk (philosophy of law) and drs. Wouter De Rycke (legal history) joined our research unit.

Law and Criminology Talk: At the invitation of Prof. dr. Frederik Dhondt, Prof. dr. Eric Schnakenbourg (Université de Nantes/CRHIA) will hold a talk on Monday 15 May 2017 in Room 4C306, at 12:45. Eric Schnakenbourg will intervene on the topic "World War One and the End of Neutrality: A Question Asked in the Wrong Way ?". For more information, contact Mrs. Mieke Vyncke.

Law and Criminology Talk: At the invitation of dr. Raphael Cahen, Prof. dr. Stella Ghervas, Assistant Professor at the University of Birmingham and Associate of the Department of History at Harvard University, will hold a talk on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 17:00 in Room E.0.12. Stella Ghervas will intervene on the topic "Conquering Peace: from the Enlightenment to the European Union". This talk is co-organised with the department POLI at the VUB. For more information, contact dr. Raphael Cahen.

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Dual Doctoral Award, ERC Consolidator Grant Average (Prof. dr. M. Fusaro (Exeter)-Prof. dr. D. De ruysscher (VUB/CORE). More information here. DEADLINE 1 MAY 2017.

Training, Ideas and Practices. The Law of Nations in the Long Eighteenth Century, organised by Frederik Dhondt, Raphael Cahen and Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina (Zürich) (Paris, 18-19 May 2017)

MRG TALK: on Monday 27 March 2017, Quentin Verrecyken (St Louis/UCL) will hold a talk in our Research Group Meeting, entitled "Regulating the King’s Grace. The Royal Pardon Legislation in Late Medieval England and France". Room 4C06, 12:45-14:00 Visitors can register with Mrs. Martine Schierl.

CORE-member Raphaël Cahen (Marie Curie Pegasus Incoming Fellow) was designated as winner of the Prix Montesquieu 2015-2016 by the Association Française des Historiens des Idées Politiques for his dissertation on “Friedrich Gentz (1764-1832): Penseur post-Lumières et acteur du renouveau de l'ordre européen au temps des révolutions”.

On 30 June 2016, at the ESCLH-conference in Gdansk, Frederik Dhondt was awarded the Van Caenegem-prize for his article “‘Inter ruinas publicas scriptum’. Ernest Nys, A Legal Historian in Defence of Belgian Tax Payers During the Great War”. Comparative Legal History 3 (2015), 131-151.

The research group is delighted to have acquired two new research projects. Recently, the Flemish Fund of Scientific Research (FWO) decided to grant funding for the project ‘Cataloguing the Customs of Trade: Looking Behind the Labels (Amsterdam and Lyon, 1700-1730)’, as well as for the project ‘Competing Corporations, Brokering Rules: Marine Insurance in France and Belgium (ca 1808-ca 1860)’. This means that the research group will be reinforced with two new researchers in 2016.

Brecht Deseure on conservatism and liberties in the Belgian territories in the French revolutionary period, in radioshow Trio (Klara).

Dave De ruysscher's new book Gedisciplineerde vrijheid: een geschiedenis van het handels- en economisch recht has been published with Maklu.

Laurent de Sutter was interviewed in Les inrocks: "Il n’y a pas de droit sans magie"

New CORE-member Kaat Cappelle won the Ieperse Prijs voor Historische Publicatie (prize of the city of Ieper for historical research), for her master thesis on penal law in the eighteenth-century casselry of Ieper.

11-12 December 2014: Belgian-Dutch Legal History Conference (Belgisch-Nederlands Rechtshistorisch Colloquium), VUB, Brussels, programme and registration (in Dutch)

Laurent Desutter published La voie du droit, which is his translation of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.'s The Path of the Law.

Laurent Desutter's new book Métaphysique de la putain was published with Presses universitaires de France. Some comments and thoughts on this book can be found in Le Magazine Littéraire and Philosophie Magazine.

Brecht Deseure presented on "Un héritage difficile à refuser. Les révolutionnaires français et les anciennes constitutions du Brabant" on 30 May 2014 at the conference "War and Peace, from Antiquity to Present: Law, Institutions, Diplomacy, Economy and Society" in Utrecht. For more details see here.

New CORE-member Brecht Deseure won the Prize for History of the Province of Antwerp 2013, for his doctoral dissertation on the use of Belgian history in political discourse during the French Revolution. This dissertation has recently been published. A very praising review has been published in Knack.

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