European Social and Affective Neuroscience

Welcome to everyone interested in the frontier research at the intersection of neuroscience and social and affective psychology.

The last decade has witnessed an upsurge of social neuroscientific approaches exploring the social and emotional aspects of the human mind and human behavior by applying novel neuroimaging techniques. Researchers from various areas including psychologists, neuroscientists, and other sciences who explore the area of social and affective behavior, and using neuroscience techniques are invited to joint our common efforts to explore this new neuroscientific approach aimed at increasing our understanding of social and affective cognition.


We learned that the European Science Foundation (ESF) will no longer finance activities in 2014. As such, there will be no future social and affective neuroscience workshops for PhD students!

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Past Meetings



28 August 2013: Pre-conference: "Does social neuroscience contribute to social cognition" at the ESCON Meeting 2013

24-28 June 2013: 3rd European Social and Affective Neuroscience Workshop

14 November 2011: Symposium on the Social Brain hosted by the Royal Academy in Brussels, Belgium.

15-18 November 2011: 2nd European Social Neuroscience Workshop held in Ghent - Belgium.

21-25 June 2010: 1st European Social Neuroscience Workshop held in Ghent - Belgium

May 22 25, 2008: Expert Meeting: Social Neuroscience approach to Social Cognition was held in Ghent, Belgium



Organizing committee

Van Overwalle, Frank
Vandekerckhove, Marie
Brass, Marcel
Samson, Dana
D'Argembeau, Arnaud

Achtziger, Anja

Tomelleri, Silvia

Apperly, Ian
Blackwood, Nigel
Dumontheil, Iroise
Gilbert, Sam
Mobbs, Dean

Macrae, Neil
Turk, David


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