Scope and purpose

Scope and purpose

EWGLA is a Working Group devoted to Locational Analysis within EURO, the European Association of National Operations Research Societies. It was born during the first EURO Summer Institute, held at Brussels, July/August 1984, devoted to the subject of Location Theory. At that time the main aim of starting up the Working Group was to provide a network of people working together and to keep continuity in the exchanges between the Summer Institute's participants. Since that time the group has known important growth and broadened its scope and purpose. Friendship among its members continues however to play an important role.

The subjects of interest to the group are of many kinds, centering on the optimal choice of locations for one or more objects (usually called facilities), within any framework (the classical settings being discrete, network and planar). Many other fields have direct connections, either by subject or as techniques, such as transportation and routing problems, statistics, cluster analysis, mathematical (linear, integer, nonlinear, convex, global, ...) programming, multicriteria analysis, approximation theory, computational geometry, ...

EWGLA has become a vehicle of communication between all persons interested in Location and related topics in Operations Research in Europe and abroad. The major goal is to stimulate the exchange of information and collaboration in research and applications, and to promote the ideas and methods developed within the field.

Several instruments are used to this end.

The group holds yearly meetings organized by one of its members. Anyone interested in presenting their work, participating in the discussions, or more simply learning and/or consulting about the subject of locational analysis may join the group and its meetings; their participation will be greatly appreciated. Either theoretical contributions (concepts, methods, ...) or applied research, presentation of software, are welcome. Communications, discussions or surveys on new applications, open problems, connections between the field of location theory and related areas are of interest. These meetings have always been an enjoyable and extremely friendly come together of a relatively small group stimulated by their common centre of interest. Refereed proceedings of each meeting are published, usually as a special issue of Studies in Locational Analysis, and provided free of charge to the participants.



Communication is achieved at the one hand by way of the EURO Bulletin, playing partly the role of newsletter for the group, and sent to all EWGLA-members.

At the other hand a more direct way of communicating was established by the ewgla list-server.
This WWW site was started as a means of promotion, communication and an open entry point to anyone interested in the topic of location.

The aim is to make this homepage into a tool for first contact and/or entry in the field, for researchers working in the field, and last but not least for anyone in need of information on the field of location analysis in view of applications.

Of course all this is not built in a day, and at present the available information mainly concerns the working group and its activities.

A short list of literature and software is also available.


BEIF (Centre for Management Informatics)
INVE (Centre for Industrial Location)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 6293609 (Office), +32 2 6293607 (Secretary)
Fax: +32 2 6293690

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