Andromachi Spanouli

Vrije Universiteit
Research unit: WOPs
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussel
phone: +32 2 629 38 45
office: 3C252



2010-2011 Master of Science in Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University

2009-2010 Pre-Master in Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University

2000-2005 Bachelor of Science in Political Sciences and History, Panteion University

Academic career

October 2013 - present: PhD student, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Centre for Work and Organizational Psychology (WOPs). "The Good, the Bad, and the Truth in Between. A dynamic Approach to Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Joeri Hofmans.

August 2011- August 2013 Junior lecturer department of Human Resource studies, Tilburg University


Masterproof I Work and Organizational Psychology (VUB, 2015-2017)

Individual Assessments in Organizations (UVT, 2011-2013)

Research in Human Resource Studies (UVT, 2011-2012)

Social Relations in Organizations (UVT, 2012-2013)

Strategic Human Resource Management (UVT, 2011-2013)

Work Climate Practical (UVT, 2011-2013)

Work, Well-being and Performance (UVT, 2011-2013)



Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2016). Walking the tightrope: Counterproductive work behavior as compensation for citizenship demands. Frontiers in Psychology, 7. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01530 (

Hofmans, J., Debusscher, J., Doci, E., Spanouli, A., & De Fruyt, F. (2015). The curvilinear relationship between work pressure and momentary task performance: the role of state and trait Core Self-Evaluations. Frontiers in Psychology, 6. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01680 (

Master's thesis

Idiosyncratic or idealistic arrangements? Negotiation of I-deals and their implications. (Promotor Dr. B. Kroon)

Research interests

Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)

Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB)

Conservation of resources theory (COR)


Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2017). When do Workers Engage in Organizational Citizenship Behaviours? A Process-Oriented Approach. Paper presented at the 18th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), May 17-20, 2017, Dublin, Ireland.

Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2016). Organizational Citizenship and Counterproductive Work Behavior; the role of Energy Resources and Core Self-Evaluations. Paper presented at the Workshop on Research Advances in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, May 18-19, 2016, Paris, France.

Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2016). Organizational Citizenship and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: Ulterior motives in play? Poster presented at the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), April  14-16, 2016, Anaheim CA, USA.

Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2015). Counterproductive Work Behavior and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Two sides of the same coin? A within-person approach. Paper presented at the 17th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), May 20-23, 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Spanouli, A., & Hofmans, J. (2014). Discretionary or elicited: A typology of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its link to Counterproductive Work Behavior. Paper presented at the Werkgemeenschap van onderzoekers in de Arbeids- & Organisatiepsychologie (WAOP) conference, November 28th, Utrecht, The Netherlands.



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