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Lucas Melgaço
Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS)
Building B, room 4B351
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
B-1050 Brussels

secretary +32 2 629 24 60
direct + 32 2 629 14 77
fax +32 2 629 26 62


Lucas Melgaço is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Criminology at the VUB and a research associate at LSTS and at CRIS - Crime and Society Research Group. He is the holder of a six-year (3+3) fellowship granted by Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) for his post-doctoral projects “Public Demonstrations in the Information Age: The Role of Social Networking Sites, Smartphones and Surveillance” and, previously, "Monitored Youth: Understanding the consequences of Surveillance Practices on Young People and their Behaviour".

Lucas is an associate lecturer for the course "Crime and the City" for master students of the degree in Criminology. He is also a former post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University, Canada and at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has a doctorate degree in Geography from a partnership between the University of São Paulo and the University of Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne.

Lucas Melgaço's main scientific interests are in the domains of surveillance, social movements and protests, social geography, urban conflicts and in the relationships between information and communication technologies and security. He has also worked on translating and introducing the theories of the Brazilian geographer Milton Santos to the English-speaking community. Lucas is co-editor of the forthcoming books “Order and Conflict in Public Space” and “Protests in the Information Age: Social Movements, Digital Practices and Surveillance” both by Routledge. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal Criminological Encounters.

You can follow him on twitter: @lucas_melgaco

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