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Collected since 2003 by the students of the Master in European Integration and Development,

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European Mentalities and Cultures in Historical and Comparative Perspective, Peter Scholliers


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Le plaisir de la table est de tous les âges, et la destinée des nations dépend de la manière dont elle se nourissent (J.A. Brillat-Savarin)





















G e n e r a l ("The Food Time Line", chronological collection of food products, dishes, recipes, links..., by L. Olver, °1999) (pages from the Adelaide "Research Center for the History of Food & Drink", bibliography, publications, colloquia, workshops, links...) (culinary archives & museum, from Johnson and Wales University) (by Science Reference Services, °2007) ("The biggest, loudest, most red, most read anti McDonald's extravaganza the world has ever seen", with history of McDo) ("Medieval & Renaissance Food Homepage") (by Wageningen University, the Netherlands, °1999, with attention to history of some food products) (A selection of web pages related to food history, by FOST and MA students, °2003, with links to e-bibliograpgies, journals, museums, directories and food history of nations) (The Association for the Study of Food and Society - ASFS) ( Dept. of nutrition, food studies and public health, NYC, °?) (mostly about museums, by Chambre Syndicale des Cuisiniers) (USA-based) ( R. Fix, with an anthropoligcal view, Social Issues Research Centre, °1997) ("The curious traveller: World Food", °2002) ("Slow Food International" Home Page) (historical recipes, rgional information, links, °2007) (general historical website, particular interest in cookbooks, and Norway) (Research, recipes, sources and more..., °?) (Dutch recipes since late Middle Ages, by M. Willebrands, °2002) (World Culinary Institute, with forum, chats, museum, directories for cooking schools and associations, etc) (information and texts)


R e f e r e n c e, T e r m i n o l o g y, D i c t i o n a r i e s ("Facts and History", quotes, trivia, great chefs, newsletter...) (food and culinary books, history links) (medieval and renaissance culinary terms, °2006) "(Historic Food Directory", cookbooks, health, recipes, links...) ("Food dictionnaries & encyclopedias, USDA") (glossaries related to food, drink, France, beer...). (Russian food glossary) ("Linda's Cuinary Dictionnaire")


O n-l i n e B i b l i o g r a p h i e s & Research Guides "(World Food Habits Bibliography", search via topics, places and names) ("Food Web". References on food, short list on specific items) ("Food Bibiography", directed by A. Grieco, °2007, access to books, reviews and papers in collections) (on-line bibliography, Europe, but very much oriented toward France) (New York Public Library, Research Guide: Culinary History) ("Bibliography Food & Culture") ("Bibliography on feasts and festivals")


M e n u s ("Menus from Nobel Banquet 1901 - 2012") (menu collection of H. Voight, °2010),1 (University of Houston's webpages with menus, 1850s and '60s) (by Ivan Day, °2003, menus and historic recipes). ("Menu collection by prof. M. Carlin, Univ. of Wisconsin")


M u s e u m s (a directory of food and drink museums) ( "Exploring and celebrating food", °2012) "(Alimentarium", Food Museum, Vevey, Switzerland) (°2012) (by the Ulm [Germany] museum of bread) (Museum of cocoa and chocolate, Brussels, °2009) (Wollheim memorial, Nutrition in Nazi concentration camps, °?) (in Italian, French and German, °2002) (about the history of sugar, °?) ("Agropolis", Food & Agriculture Museums of the World, Montpellier, France) (The Chocolate Museum, Bruges, Belgium, °?) (by the Chocolate museum, °?) (Brussels, Belgium, °?) (The National Asparagus and Mushroom Museum, Horst, Netherlands, °?) (Rome, The National Museum of Pasta Foods, °2004) ("The Food Museum", former Potato Museum, New York, USA) (Very peculiar food museum: the "art of culinary disaster", °2003) ("weblog of a Food Museum (...) serving as interactive forum for news, views and discussion about all things food: food history, growing, marketing, cooking"; °2004). (New York Food Museum) (The American Diner Museum, Providence, °1996) (Wine & Spirits Historical Museum) (Limassol wine museum, °2006)

htpp:// (Culinary Archive & Museum)


N e w s l e t t e r s ("Food History News", to pay)


B l o g s (by Jan Whitaker, about American restaurants since the 18th century, °2008) (stories about historical food, °2005) (V. Rumble's view on cooking in the past, °2009) (°2007) ("Critical Studies in Food and Culture Blog", Univ. of California, Davis, °2010) (Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, °2004) (lots of historical recipes and information)


J o u r n a l s (The Journal of Food and Culture) , and (Food & History, Tours 2003) (Food & Foodways, Paris-New York, 1986) (Petits Propos Culinaires, Oxford, 1980- ). (The Journal of Gastronomy, 1985-1993) (Food, Culture and Society, by the ASFS, 2003) (Appetite) (Anthropology of Food, e-zine, France 2004)


Pictures, films & media ("Food in the Arts", film, cartoon, literature,°?) (Top ten food movies from "Internet Movie Database", °2012) (large collection of food pictures) ( "Food and Eating in the Movies: A Bibliography of Books and Articles in the UC Berkeley Libraries", °1996). (links to movies and documentaries) (collection of pictures of packages and wrappings, 1950 - 1970s, °1999 by D.Goodsell)


Big Companies: histories (by the Coca-Cola company, timeline of this drink, °2006) (Kraft, Lu, Cadbury et cetera)


Products & Ingredients, Diets & Dishes (US-oriented, politics, health, fair trade, little history, °?) (by the International Coffee Organization, 1963) (all about noodles, °2007) ('Bringing to the present, the food and beverages of the past, °2011) ( by the Salt Institute, USA, °2011) (World Carrot Museum - "All about carrots", °2012) (Kiwi-Fruit Info, °2007) (BBC's view dealing with globalisation and fast food, °?) (Slow Food -based wine archive, Pollenzo, °2008) (by UK Tea Councile) (Hot-Dog City: history of hotdogs, °2102) (by H. Aihara, history of microbiotics, °1998)


Hunger, Starvations, Food Prices (by The History Place, °2000) ( Making the History of 1989, °2007) (Famine in Ukraine 1930s, by InfoUkes, °?)


Research Methods & Source Materials (aiming at giving food a central role in our sense of identity) (13th-century cookbook) (historic kitchen equipment, °2009) (by "Cookit", dishes (and pictures) of "historic" food, °2009) (list of quotes related to food, °2010) (from the "Online Culinary History Network")


Objects & Techniques (California Academy of Sciences, with the Rietz collection,°? ) (Museum of cutlery, from Renaissance to today)


Countries, regions


W o r l d (a very general but useful introduction the all cuisines of the world, Wikipedia-style, °2006) ("The world on a plate", °1994) (selection of food websites from all over the workd, °2010).


E u r o p e ("The International Commission for the Research on European Food History", colloquia, publications, °2001) ("Institut Européen de l'Histoire et de la Culture de l'Alimentation - European Institute for the History and Culture of Food ", Tours [France], agenda, education (Summer School), bibliography, discussion group, links..., °2002) ("The European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage") (Traditional european food, part of an integrated project ["IP"] of the European Commission, °?)


Austria (from the Furst Konditorei; °1999)


Belgium (the website of the VUB- Research Centre Social and Cultural Food Studies, °2005, see too the English version) ("The one and only original belgian fries website") (by the "Belgian fries museum", °?) ("The Gourmet Museum" deals with the archaeology, the history and the folklore of good eating, bibliography, activities etc,°?) ("Academie Streekgebonden Gastronomie" or The Academy of Regional Gastronomy) (by the Centrum voor Agrarische Geschiedenis, KULeuven )


Bulgaria (by commercial tour operator, °2002, general but useful)) (site of Central Commercial Union, °2004) (general history by a wine exporter, °2004) (short introduction)


Czech Republic (by radio Praha, °2008) (°2008, "traditional" check food and drinks - beer!)


Croatia ( °?)


Estonia (Estonian Agricultural Museum, near Tartu) (Remedia Distillery, with some history of strong drinks) ("Estonian cuisine", by the Estonian Institute)


Finland (from "World's greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia",°?)


France ("Les arts de la table") (Activities in France related to the annual "Week of Taste") ("official" website of the French annual Semaine du goût) (French, "Observatory of food habits" including health, culture, meaning...)


Germany ("German Food") (from UK-Food Onlne, rather general, some history; °2000) ("Kochbuch - Bibliographie", Middle Ages)


Greece (blog + information by M. Kavroulaki, °?)


Hungary (site of liquor producer, historical information, museum,°?)


Ireland (by J. Linnane, Dublin, °?)


Italy (Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari) (all on P. Artusi's 1891 famous cookbook) (Italian food heritage) (e-zine, photos, journals, articles, by D. Mele, °2003) ("The portal for the lovers of Italian cuisine", °1994) (Lavazza training centre on coffee, °2004) (US-based, Italy m(an)ia, many links) ("Archives of National Products and Recipes") (the Master in Cultura dell'Alimentazione, Bologna; °2002) (Glossary of Italian cooking terminology, "culinary academy", cinema recipes; by M. Malvezzi Needham; °1996). ( ("Centro di culturagastronomica di cucina domestica italiana", °?) ("The official site of the foods and the wines of Italy", US-based)


Latvia (cooking traditions, by the Latvian Institute, °2012) (vast food market, by The Central Market, °2003)


Lithuania (Food and table traditions, by B.Imbrasienë, °?) (general survey of cuisine history, Wiki-family, °2006)


Netherlands (by K.Engelbrecht, °?)


Norway (history of Norwegian food, mostly in Norwegian) (from the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with history of Norwegian food)


Poland (Polish cuisine) (portal site of "Bella On Line, the Voice of the Women; °1999), see particularly Food Recipes Online (food [history] of Krakow; °2001) (wiki-family) ("Polish Cuisine" from The Free Dicionary; °2004) ("Christmas around the world", esp. Poland; °1998)


Romania (travel information by Bazak, °?, "Romanian cuisine at the crossroads") (from a travel website, °?)


Russia ("McDonalds behind the Iron Curtain", °2011) ( glossary + links, °?) ( by Project "Student for students", taste of history, Food from Russia and the former USSR" ° ?)


Serbia (by the Serbian tourist organisation, °?)


Slovenia (as long as there is none better [i.e. about food history], this is useful) (by J. Dangel, °?, USA-based, looking at food habits of his ancestors)


Spain ("Origins of tapas in Spain") (Barcelona central market, °2011) (allegedly typical food, °2003)


Sweden (general, regional specialities, festive food)


Turkey (go to "Index of Subjects, then "Culinary Arts", by Turkish Cultural Foundation, US-based) (lots of traditional recipes, °?, by ?) (historical perspective, by A.Kidik, °?) (history of coffee and coffee houses) (detailed information on Turkish food, by the "Ultimate travel guide for Turkey") (history and general culinary information, by foodwriter P. Conant; °1999) (Focus on Turkish Cuisine. History of Turkish food)


United Kingdom (the Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery)



A f r i c a (by B.Sandler, author of the African Cookbook [New York, 1993], with cuisines of ten countries) ("The African Culinary Network", °2003) (African cooking, °1999, E.Gibbon) (Culinary Kingdom: Festival Foods, °?) (selected internet resources on Africa south of Sahara, °1999) (traditional African food, by country, °2000)


Cameroon (good intro, Wiki-style, °2006) (history, recipes, traditions)


Ethiopia (by 'Ethnic Medicine', °1995, reserach report by R. Selinus from 1971, on traditional foods in Ethiopia) (wiki-style; see too http://en/ (about festivals and food traditions, °?) (general, useful information, °?)


Morocco (cuisine of Morcocco, no much history, though) (C.A.Wright's pages, °1999, "your source for Mediterranean cuisine and history") (very Wiki, with lots of links, °2006)



A m e r i c a

Latin America


Brazil (by Anthropology of Food, °?)ças.shtml (history of the "national spirit of Brazil") (regional food, "authentic" recipes) (history and role of "most famous Brazilian dish", °?).


USA ("How the burger made it to the US") ("Culinary historians of New York, gather!", °?) (some pages from food recommendations, 1894-1940s, from the National Agricultural Library) (historic recipes + information about events, research and opinions, °1999) (American Diner Museum) ( R. W. Dana reviews of restaurants and nightclubs, New York, 1950s etc, °2003) (ethnic cuisines, by R. Keogh, °2002) ("Feeding America: the Historic American Cookbook Project")



A s i a"The evolution of cuisine in Asia, Thai-based; °2000)


China (very rich data, constructed by R. Parkinson) (Chinese food history, Thai-based, °2000) (Beijing travel departement, °2003) (Chinese recipes and links, °1995, Canada-based) (Chinese food history and videos, °2009) (Culinary discovery of China, °?) (°2005) (Xian Marco Polo travel service, °1998) (history, culture, meaning of tea, "Tea store online", °2003)


Middle East ("In mama's kitchen", E. Moore) (medieval and renaissance food, "An Islamic Dinner", °1992) (jewish cooking, °1997) (the history of Bastani, °2004)


Viet Nam (collection of articles about traditional cuisine, by A.Q.Nguyen, °2002) (pretty popular/accessive guide, °?) (traditional meals, popular dishes, °? )


Nepal (general, useful infotainment, °?)


A u s t r a l i a ("Graduate programme in Gastronomy" (by expats, °2000)


With thanks to all students from all over the world, bringing their culinary traditions to Brussels, and taking some Brussels / Belgian / European food habits to their countries.