Research and background information:

. 12 February:Short interviews on China and Japan in Knack and Le Vif.
. 02 February: On the Third Plenum in New Europe.
. 23 January: Gustaaf Geeraerts on the China Dream.
. 28 January: On the Sino-European relations in China Daily.
. 10 January: China's foreign policy on the Voice of Russia.

About the institute: BICCS serves as the capital of Europe's main academic hub between Europe and China. It aims to increase European understanding of contemporary China and its impact on world affairs. Departing from solid academic research, BICCS offers advanced training for graduates. (Presentation)

  Learning Programmes

PG: China business development
PG: Chinese business law
PG: Contemporary China Studies
PG: Investing in the EU
Course: Chinese foreign policy
Course: Language classes

  Latest Publications

Asia Papers on renewable energy and outward investment. Book chapter: Security in East Asia. Asia Paper: China's forex reserves. Asia Paper: China in the Indian Ocean. Article: EU-China economic relations. Asia Paper on China's energy policies. 

  Upcoming Events

We are preparing a new seminar series for the autumn. More news follows.