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Welcome to my personal webpage! I am currently finalizing a book project about Europe and Asia. The Dutch version will be out in February. In the coming months, I will be focussing on a new research project about China's rise in Asia. This should result in another book by the beginning of 2015. This webpage presents an overview of my ongoing and previous work. You will see that it covers a several dimensions of China’s ascent: its economic transition, its impact on the Asian regional order, the modernization of the Chinese armed forces, the relations with Africa, and the status of the partnership with Europe. Such a broad picture is key, I believe, for arriving at a comprehensive assessment of China’s rise and its influence on international politics.

Latest papers:

New paper on China's export policy, September 2013.

The Eurasian Sea, Paper in Survival, August 2013.

The reluctant pretender: China's evolving presence in the Indian Ocean, Article in Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, June 2013.

Seas of Trouble, Asia Paper on Maritime Security in Asia, June 2012. 


FOCUS: Lancering van De Kracht van het Paradijs

21 February: Debat tijdens Mind the Book.

20 February: Interviews in De Standaard, De Vrije Markt en op Radio 1.

19 February: In De Morgen een achtergrondinterview en drie essays met commentaar van vier lijsttrekkers voor de EU-verkiezingen.

18 February: Stukje in het Parool.

18 February: Voopublicatie in Knack.

17 February: Een stevig interview in de Tijd.

16 February: Uitgebreid interview met Veronique Goossens op Kanaal-Z.

16 February: Alvast een eerste korte bespreking op

15 February: Het voorpaginaverhaal in NRC Handelsblad.

17 February: Talk on Europe in Berlin.

14 February: Interview on the military tensions in East Asia in De Volkskrant.

13 February: Invited to join the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) as EU delegate.

12 February: Short interview on China and Japan in Knack and Le Vif.

11 February: Interview on China's Navy on the Voice of America.

05 February: Invited for a Fellowship at the Nobel Institute.

03 February: Talk on the Sino-European relations, Oslo.

02 February: On China's relations with Japan, BBC World.

31 January: Lecture to the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, the Hague.

30 January: Lecture on India, Royal Military Academy.

30 January: Nominated into the Trilateral Commission as a Rockefeller Fellow.

29 January: Lecture on China, Royal Military Academy.

22 January: Briefing on international security to Belgian political party.

20 January: Briefing on the military tensions in East Asia, London.

18 January: On China and Peacekeeping, Radio France International.

17 January: Lecture to the annual Dutch Ambassadors' Conference, The Hague.

14 January: Briefing in European Parliament on the East China Sea.

10 January: On China's security policy, Russia Today.

10 January: Lecture on China's economy to the Association for International Affairs, Prague.

08 January: Briefing on China's financial diplomacy to European Commissioner.

02 January: Nieuwjaarsessay over China in Financieel Dagblad.



19 December: Het Pacifisch Pandemonium, NRC Handelsblad en De Morgen.

21 December: Onrustig Azië toont kloof tussen China en de rest, NRC Handelsblad.

16 December: Koop die gevechtsvliegtuigen, De Standaard.

13 December: Het andere Azië heeft weinig baten van haar groei, De Morgen.

27 December: On China in Eastern Europe: IPS.

05 December: On the Indian Ocean, Ecole de Guerre, Paris.

22 November: Challenges to China's Peaceful Rise, ISPI Analysis.

18 November: On China's economic reforms in China Daily.

13 November: On China's economic reforms, Joos, radio 1.

18 October: On Chinese politics, in South China Morning Post.

04 October: India's stille tragedie, in De Standaard.

22 September: on China's domestic politics, AFP, AP, and Huffington Post.

16 September: The risks of China's rebalancing, China Focus.


18 February: Interview in Metro.

15 February: EU-China on Czech television.

01 February: A long interview with the Voice of Russia on maritime security in the Mediterranean.

30 January: In the Business Insider on the East China Sea.

30 January: Op-ed in De Tijd on EU-China trade disputes.

30 January: On China's role in the Mediterranean in Xinhua (Japanese).

29 January: Op-ed in De Morgen on the future of European industry (Dutch).

10 January: Interviewed by People's Daily on China's future.



17 December: Commenting the Sino-Japanese relations on Radio France.

12 December: Conference on China's defence of its global interests in Beijing.

11 December: On China in the Indian Ocean in Strategic Forum (Chinese).

04 December: Lecture in Prague on China's rise.

21 November: Hearing in the European Parliament on the EU-Asia relations.

19 November: Discussion on the Russian Television on China's Rise.

16 November: I interviewed the Chinese Envoy for Africa, Ambassador Zhong Jianhua, on the situation in the region.

15 November: Commenting on the Party Congress on the Dutch National Radio, Ter Zake, AFP, South China Morning Post, etc.

14 November: Commenting on trade conflicts in Caijing Ribao (Chinese).

12 November: Interviewed together with Rosemary Foot and Richard Debs in Economic Observer (Chinese). 

10 November: Long interview on China's transition in Het Parool (Dutch). 

08 November: On the National Party Congress on Vier, on Radio 1, in die Welt, on BBC World Radio, etc.

07 November: Long interview on China in Knack (Dutch).  

05 November: Op-ed in De Standaard on China's future.

01 November: On EU-China economic relations in China Daily.

06 October: On China's future in global politics on Dutch television.

20 September: On the EU-China Summit in Le Monde, The Financial Times, Le Temps, China Daily, and ARD Tagesschau.  

19 September: On China's military transition in the South China Morning Post.

13 September: On the East China Sea in the South China Morning Post, BBC World Radio, Radio France International, Ter Zake.

12 September: "The bell ringer" got interviewed by China Daily on the EU-China relations.

11 September: On the East China Sea Dispute - AFP and Le Monde.

03 September: Op-ed on the Sino-European relations in China Daily.

31 August: Interview Rzeczpospolita with on the Sino-German relations.

30 August: Interview on the Sino-European relations with ARD Tagesschau.

29 August: On the Asian Missile Race in Defence Report.

28 August: In the Financial Times on the relations between China and Germany.

25 August: Double interview with Martin Jacques in het Parool.

20 August: Interview on the Sino-European relations with Radio France International.

20 August: Op-ed on Asian maritime security in NRC Handelsblad en de Morgen.

18 August: De Standaard and het Financieel Dagblad ran my article on imbalanced growth in China.

17 August: Interview with World Politics Review on the Indian Ocean.

14 August: Explaining the Sino-Syrian relations on BBC Newsday.

13 August: Global Times: Asian slowdown leaves Europe pondering.

01 August: Global Times and People's Daily: Naval visits accustom Mediterranean to new role

31 July: Summer guest on Radio 1.

13 July: Europe's convenient marginalization: op-ed in the European Voice and the Diplomat.

05 July: Giving a talk at the European Commission on the strategic importance of green industries.

30 June: "Europa tussen machtspolitiek en verbeelding": Op-ed in de Morgen.

07 June: AFP: China-Syria relations.

11 June: US-China tensions on Radio Netherlands International.

18 May: In the Global Times on power plays in the Arctic.

14 May: Article on China's peaceful rise in Streven.

12 May: Talk for the Liberal Party on the future of globalization.

10 May: On the South China Sea: AP.

28 April: Talk and vivid discussion in Oslo on the Chinese in Africa.

25 April: Commenting on China's role in the conflict between the two Sudans on BBC World and AFP.

25 April: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: on the South China Sea dispute.

22 April: On the China-EU relations in the New York Times.

20 April: AFP story on China's interest in the Arctic

19 April: Hearing in Washington on China's policy towards Africa.

19 April: On China and India via BBC World.

11 April: Article on China's political transition in Knack and comments in De Standaard, De Morgen, Korrespondent, and Reuters.

07 April: On EU-China trade relations in Gazeta Wyborcza.

29 March: Nominated to join the World Economic Forum as "Global Shaper" - first meeting in June in Istanbul.

27 March: Op-ed on China's naval power via Project Syndicate.

23 March: On Terzake and in De Standaard commenting Chinese investments in Belgium.

21 March: Commenting on Chinese investments in 21st Century Business Herald.

14 March: Interview on the Sino-European economic relations at Radio 1.

13 March: Evaluating the National People's Concress on CCTV.


05 March: Will China and India go to war: vivid discussion on Al Jazeera

03 March: On China's defence budget via Reuters.

25 February: Key-note at Bautec in Berlin and a fascinating discussion on protectionism.

17 February: Can China find the balance: Op-ed in The Diplomat.

16 February: Talk in Bruges on China's economic transition.

05 January: Special issue of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs on EU-China-Africa.

02 February: Have Chinese Had Enough? analysis in The Diplomat.

01 February: On China and the EU in Gazeta Wyborcza and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

30 January: The Wall Street Journal and AFP: On the security of overseas Chinese workers.

17 January: Talking at the Nobel Foundation in Oslo with Robert D. Kaplan and Lisselotte Odgaard.

12 January: To Prague for a lecture on China's peaceful development.

10 January: The findings of one of my latest papers discussed at Radio 86.

09 January: De Reus Wankelt: Opinion article in NRC Handelsblad, de Morgen and the Reformatorisch Dagblad



27 December: The New York Times: on Chinese investments in Europe.

26 December: A shortish comment on Asia's strategic landscape in the Global Times new year's issue.

19 December: China in the Indian ocean: comments picked up by FM Kenya, Radio Taiwan, Daily Sun, Global Times, etc.  

19 December: Interviews on North Korea and regional security with VRT, VTM, VT4, KanaalZ, and Dutch Radio.

17 December: China benefiting from European crisis? More in here. Heated debate in the European Parliament on trade with China.

14 December: Lecture on the South-China Sea at the Royal Military Academy.

14 December: Intervention on CCTV dialogue on China's economic crisis.

13 December: Op-ed in de Tijd on 10 years Chinese WTO membership.

12 December: Explaining the Great Game in the Indian Ocean on BBC.

10 December: Commenting on how China defends its security interests in Africa via AFP.

08 December: To Oslo for discussions on China and Europe with the Norwegian government and academics.

07 December: Interviewed by BBC world news on the economic relations between China and Europe.

02 December: On the Sino-Indian tensions in Vietnam's largest daily.

29 November: On China's economic growth in China Daily.

28 November: Lecture on the EU-China relations at the Finnish Institute of International Studies.

27 November: Commenting China and India in the Washington Post.