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Bram Spruyt wins Klasse prize 2006

Winners of last year’s Flemish Dissertation Prize were announced on Monday 18 December 2006. Jan Boesman, a journalism student at the Lessius Hogeschool won first prize. The Klasse Prize went to Bram Spruyt of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel for his work, Inequality and segregation in the educational landscape: effects on ethnocentrism. The dissertation investigates how Flemish pupils are divided across general, art, technical and professional high school education. It appears from his research that many pupils with a similar profile stick together within one education stream and that this has a large impact on their attitude towards society and more specifically on their tolerance of immigrants. It’s worth noting that the editors of the education magazine, Klasse, read Bram’s article, ‘Segregation in education as integral to a multicultural society’ with keen interest. The article will appear in the January issue of Klasse, the Flemish newsletter of the ministry for education.

Prof. Kaufman joins Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine

Prof. Leon Kaufman, professor of biostatistics at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, was recently elected to the Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine. The Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine is an institution administered by the Flemish Community. It is active in the domains of medicine, pharmacy, veterinary sciences and their related disciplines. The Academy’s mission is to further the cause of scientific research.

Ouchy van Loo among the winners of the Student Steel Prize.

For the fifth time running, the Steel Info Centre (Staalinfocentrum) organised the Student Steel Prize last academic year for architecture and engineering students. The jury announced the winners on 28 November 2006, Steel Construction Day. In category D (Research), the prize went to Ouchy Van Loo (promotor: Prof. Mollaert) for the project, ‘Flexible tensegrity structures for architectural applications’. The jury prized above all the originality of the construction and the working out of the ideas. This study is ground-breaking work for steel constructions due to the new possibilities it introduces. The Steel Info Centre is an information and promotion centre for Belgium and Luxembourg with the objective of promoting the use of steel in the construction industry.

Delphine Maenhout awarded the Studiewerk Prize from the City of Ostend

 Every year, the city of Ostend awards the Studiewerk Prize to a student writing their final dissertation on the City of Ostend. In the category, university education, the prize this time went to VUB student, Delphine Maenhout. Her research was directed at the cultural experiences and cultural needs of young people between 18 and 25 in Ostend. The prize comes with a cheque for € 620.

Jorgen D'Hondt appointed research coordinator 'CMS Top Quark Physics Team' at CERN

Jorgen D'Hondt (IIHE, Faculty of Science) was appointed research coordinator of one of the five large research themes of the LHC programme at CERN. LHC stands for Large Hadron Collider, CERN’s most powerful particle accelerator. The LHC is used to accelerate protons close to the speed of light, after which a collision occurs. From that collision, scientists attempt to derive all kinds of information about the structure of matter and the origin of the universe.
For the next two years, Jorgen D'hondt will head the CMS Top Quark Physics Team which will closely analyse the so-called ‘Top quark’ (the heaviest observable elementary particle). The LHC particle accelerator will be put to use at the end of 2007. CERN is a European organisation conducting fundamental research into elementary particles. The organisation is located near Geneva on the border between France and Switzerland. Our university has been closely involved with experiments conducted at CERN for the past 30 years via the Inter-university Institute for High Energies, IIHE (ULB and Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

Meyrem Almaci electoral candidate for Groen!

The Flemish Greens party, Groen! announced its election candidates last month for the federal elections of 10 June 2007. Meyrem Almaci, an assistant at our university, will top the party’s list of candidates for the Lower House in the province of Antwerp. However, these are not Meyrem’s first steps on the political stage. She is also a spokesperson for Jong Groen! and in recent years she has been active in local politics.

Paul De Knop re-elected chairman of the Community Education Council

Prof. De Knop, a lecturer in sport management and dean of the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, has been re-elected chairman of the Community Education Council. The news was made public last month at Community Education’s New Year’s reception. Community Education will soon have a new name to boot: “GO! Education of the Flemish Community”. The education network of the Flemish Community currently amounts to some 700 schools, around 300,000 pupils and 32,000 employees.




Most Cited Paper award for ETRO researchers

Adrian Munteanu, Joeri Barbarien, Peter Schelkens and Jan Cornelis of the Electronics and Information Technology Department (ETRO) and their colleagues, Y. Andreopoulos and J. Van Der Schaar recently saw their article, “In-band motion compensated temporal filtering (2004)” which appeared in the journal, Signal Processing: Image Communication bestowed with the Most Cited Paper Award from the same journal.

Recognition for Prof. Delooz with the Herman Delooz Lecture

 During the fourth European Congress on Emergency Medicine in Heraklion (Crete, 5 - 8 October 2006), organised by the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM), the first "Herman Delooz Lecture” was delivered by Prof. Colin Robertson of the University of Edinburgh (UK). The title of his paper was “Emergency Medicine: Breaking the Wave”.
In 2005, during the General Meeting of the EuSEM in Nice, it was decided that the “Herman Delooz Lecture” be inaugurated during the Congress in Heraklion and held during all subsequent EuSEM congresses. The inauguration of this lecture represents recognition for the contributions of Prof. Delooz to the development of Emergency Medicine in Europe. Prof. Herman Delooz works in the Emergency department of the VUB Academic Hospital.

Prof. Paul Wylleman leads Kevin Van der Perren to European medal

Ice skater, Kevin Van der Perren wrote sporting history when last Thursday he was awarded a bronze medal at the European Ice Skating Championships in Warsaw. Kevin is the first Belgian to win a skating medal (either in a European Championships, World Championships or Olympic Games) in sixty years. Kevin Van der Perren received psychological guidance during the Championships from Paul Wylleman, professor of sport psychology at the Faculty of Physical Education and its Guidance and Expertise centre for Sport (BEST). Professor Wylleman has been working with Van der Perren and his coach, Vera Vandecaveye, since 2004 and provided psychological support during, among others, the recent Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006.