What is the VUB Career Center?

The VUB Career Center is a central service of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that aims to reduce the gap between students and the labour market. This service is exclusively for VUB students and VUB alumni.

We give advice concerning the creation of your resume and cover letter, as well as in the search of your first professional experience. We will guide you through the whole application process. These services are offered by means of individual training sessions or group workshops. The VUB has a partnership with The Adecco Group since October 2016 and their career coaches are happy to help.

To make our services as efficient as possible, we work with a career platform where students can create their personal profile.


The team consists of an enthusiastic professional who is delighted to advise students, alumni and PhD-students concerning their resume, cover letter and job possibilities. 

Laure Hermans

Laure joined The Adecco Group in Belgium in November 2014, and from February 2017 started work at the VUB Career Center. She studied Educational Sciences at the VUB. Her biggest passion is travelling and she is really interested in social media. She can help you with all your career questions and gives several workshops together with Aline.

You can contact her by e-mail: laure.hermans@adecco.be. 




02 629 11 88


Pleinlaan 2, office B.011

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Services for students

The VUB Career Center helps students during their search for a first professional experience after graduation. This concerns the creation of their resume and cover letter but also covers interview and presentation techniques. You can make an appointment or register for a group workshop.

Are you looking for a student job? The social legal & financial support / student jobs team can help you with that!


The VUB Career Center organises various workshops.  Would you like a tailor-made workshop for your student club or your faculty? That’s possible! Send us an e-mail and we will discuss the possibilities together.

  • LinkedIn: During this workshop we discuss the use of LinkedIn, how to create a profile and how to use it during an application process.
  • Social media awareness: Workshop that stimulates your awareness about the professional use of social media.
  • Personal branding: Workshop that will offer you some tips and tricks about personal branding. How do you present yourself as the best candidate? How do you stand out during an application?

Individual Training

Have you followed a workshop but still have more questions? Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us!

The VUB Career Center offers three types of individual coaching:

  • Resume and cover letter: Do you struggle with the creation of your resume and/or your cover letter? Feel free to make an appointment with us so we can give you some tips and tricks.
  • Interview techniques: What to expect from a job interview? How to react to certain questions? How to behave? We will guide you through this process! You can only book this coaching if you have an actual application interview planned. We notice that otherwise the information we give is not useful enough.
  • Career journey: You are approaching the end of your studies but not sure what to do next? We will guide you through the labour market and help you define your options.

Important: Due to the high amount of requests for the individual appointments, we decided to limit them to two individual training sessions per person. This is not the case for the workshops, you can subscribe for various workshops besides the two individual appointments without a problem.


Through our career platform you can create your personal profile and consult the job board. Take a look at company pages, register for career events or make an appointment with one of our career coaches. This platform focuses mainly on permanent jobs and everything related. If you are looking for an internship you can find it here.

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Are you an employer and would you like to post a job offer on our job board? That's possible! With a view to introducing companies to our students and in order to support them on their career path, we have set up a career platform, "Career Center" in partnership with JobTeaser. 

Students get access to an intranet portal with a whole host of features, including:

Do you have internship opening within your company? You can post this on our job board for internships

Are you looking for a student job for your company or organization? The social legal & financial support / student jobs team of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel can help you to find a student to work for a short or longer period during holiday periods or on irregular working hours. With more than 15.000 students, our university offers you a big group of highly educated students.