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Research methodology: Linguistics

4 ECTS credits
120 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 4018878DNR for all students in the 1st and 2nd semester at a (D) Master - preliminary level.

Information about this course is applicable on academic year 2017-2018.

1st and 2nd semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method

Grading (scale from 0 to 20)

Can retake in second session
Taught in
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Responsible organisation
Linguistics and Literary Studies
Educational Team:
  • Peter MARIEN (course titular)
  • Ludovic DE CUYPERE
    Activities and contact hours
    • 30 contact hours Seminar, Exercises or Practicals
    • 60 contact hours Independent or External Form of Study
    Course content

    The course 'Research Methodology: Linguistics’ offers support and guidance with the research process related to writing a master’s thesis in Linguistics. The first part of the course aims at the basic principles of independent linguistic research. In addition to basic concepts such as the research question and scientific design, we also cover several basic principles related to statistical data analysis. Students are made familiar with the linguistic research that is being performed at the Language and Literature department. The second part of the course is group sessions aimed at the student’s concrete research. We work on the methodological basis and the quality of the structure of the master’s thesis via presentations sessions.

    Course material
    • Digital course material (Required):
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    Programme Objectives

    Algemene competeties

    - become acquainted with linguistic research (particularly research done at the VUB)
    - insight into the conceptual development and realisation of independent scientific research within the wider research area of linguistics
    - ability to independently perform research in the area of linguistics
    - ability to reflect critically on methods, research questions and research results both one’s own research and of studied sources
    - ability to present one’s own scientific research concisely and clearly (orally and via an abstract)


    The final grade is composed based on the following categories:

    • Other Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

    Within the Other Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

    Examen with a relative weight of 1 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

    Additional info with regard to grading

    The evaluation is based on a presentation (50%) and two short written reports that discuss a published linguistic study (30%) and a linguistic lecture (20%).