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Integrated work period: wintersports

3 ECTS credits
90 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 4018331ENR for all students in the 2nd semester at a (E) Master - advanced level.

Information about this course is applicable on academic year 2017-2018.

2nd semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method

Grading (scale from 0 to 20)

Can retake in second session
Enrollment requirements
Om een inschrijving te kunnen nemen voor 'Geïntegreerde werkperiode: wintersporten' moet men ingeschreven of geslaagd zijn voor 'Bewegingsvorming en methodiek III...' of 'Topsportspecifieke carrièreplanning III'
Taught in
Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy
Responsible organisation
Bewegings- en Sportwetenschappen
Educational Team:
Activities and contact hours
  • 7 contact hours Lecture
  • 70 contact hours Seminar, Exercises or Practicals
Course content

Students who have followed the past two years ski or snowboard and who do not reached the level to participate to an initiator course will have to take initiation lessons in the other discipline.

Technique: Learning the basic skills of Alpine skiing and Snowboard (beginners/ Class I ESF(= Ecole de ski Français) or refinement of the Alkpine ski or Snowboard skills in preparation for the initiator course VTS (= Vlaamse Trainersschool) or (when passed the selection), initiator course VTS or (when already on the level of initiator) the instructor B course VTS or (when already on the level of instructor B) preparation for the trainer A course. Possession of the Trainer A VTS degree provides exemption for the Ski or snowboard part but helping in giving instruction courses will highly be appreciated.
- Theoretics: Depends of the level. Directions will be clearly formulated at departure.
- These wintersports are organized in the form of an integrated work period and lies besides the technical, theoretical, methodical and didactical aspects of Alpine ski and Snowboard a particular accent on cognitive competences (learn to live in a group in limited space, communication, problem solving thinking, social skills, …)

Course material
  • Course text (Required): VTS cursussen ski-en snowboard
  • Digital course material (Recommended): DVD van de memento van de "école de ski Français".
Additional info

In order to take this class, compulsory additional costs will be charged next to the invoice sent to you: for the internship a minimum contribution of € 1150 and a maximum contribution of € 1300 will be required. The costs are borne by the student and can neither be passed on to fellow students nor recovered from the lecturer or faculty. The amounts stated are approximately correct.

If you experience payment difficulties as a result of these additional costs, you can contact Student Social Services via or + 32 2 629 23 15.

More information can also be found on

Programme Objectives

General competences

Knowledge of
- the advanced techniques
- advanced motor capacities: refined controle of the snowboard or ski’s
- physical condition: Specific aerobic endurance, power, fast strength, co-ordination and response capacity
- advanced didactical principles applied to the different sports
- specific movement analysis and the coupled error correction
- evaluation protocols to score the pupils
- theory of the instructor B-level VTS (e.g. meteorology, materials and equipment, ecology, snow and avalange, …)
- basic scientific background to construct sport specific training programs

Able to
- demonstrate the advanced techniques en tactics of ski or snowboard
- incorporate general scientific knowledge (anatomy, physiology, …) in ski or snowboard
- analyze errors and propose corrective measures
- evaluate and differentiate the pupils
- taking initiative and responsibility in certain teaching situations
- work and play together
- taking initiative and responsibility
- taking and giving the lead
- transfer the acquired knowledge to different target groups
- adapt the methodic and didactic principles to different learning surroundings (materials, space, …)

- promote a healthy and sportive lifestyle
- taking initiative and responsibility to promote the good organization of the courses
- being prepared to practice ski or snowboard on a regular basis and maintain and improve your own basic condition
- having an open mind and an eager to learn mentality and accept criticism and corrections
- being prepared to learn from his own mistakes, learn to self detect them and specifically work on them. 
- help others by making one's own proven specialties available
- communicate in a polite and exemplary way
- comply with appointments in a punctual way
- use a critical scientific mentality to constantly dare to put question marks to yourself and to the acquired/used technical, tactical, methodic, didactic principles

This course helps to achieve the following OLE's of the Physical Education and Movement Science Program:

Focus on academic scientific education

A Master of Science in Physical Education and Movement Sciences 

7. is able professionally to develop, plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based movement promoting initiatives among groups and individuals (scientist, promoter & adviser)

Focus on professional practice

A Master of Science in Physical Education and Movement Sciences 

10. has an insight into the market, the field of work, the relevant professional organisations and policy bodies, with a view to ensuring maximum employability in a multidisciplinary setting (professional innovator, manager)

11. is able to take leadership in an ethically responsible manner and to guide, manage and steer a group in an (unpredictable) professional, multidisciplinary context (educator & coach, manager)

12. is able, from a cross-disciplinary approach, to respond to the living environment and health status (physical, mental and social) of individuals and target groups on the basis of specialist multidisciplinary insights (promoter & adviser, educator & coach)

15. possesses the intercultural competencies needed to deal as a world citizen with present and future challenges in a sustainable and humane society (manager, professional innovator)

16. is able to communicate professionally with both groups and individuals from various sectors (manager, promoter & adviser)

17. is able to deal holistically with the effects of the pressure (to perform) on him/herself, individuals and in a team environment (manager, educator & coach)




The final grade is composed based on the following categories:

  • Other Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Other Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

IWP wintersports with a relative weight of 1 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

Note: Samengesteld punt van praktijk, theorie en inzet.

Additional info with regard to grading

Normal student:
- Theory : writen exam : 30 %  (Note: exam will be taken at the end of the GWP at Tignes)
- Technique: free descent following the VTS procedures 40%
- Attitudes (with focus on cognitif attitudes) 30%

Student following the initiator or instructor B course:
- Theory en technique: score on 100 for the exam of the degree of initiator or instructor B: 40%
- Attitude: 60%  (We expect a high score since we appreciate students to follow this course)

- Score on the week of internship: 50%
- Attitude: 50%

Remarque! The practical ski or snowboard exams will only be taken during the IWP. No second exam period is possible! Absence or no credit on this part of the exam will lead to the obligation to take the IWP again the next year! The theoretical exam can be retaken in the second exam period.