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International Environmental Policy and Law

3 ECTS credits
82 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 4016514ENR for all students in the 2nd semester at a (E) Master - advanced level.

Information about this course is applicable on academic year 2017-2018.

2nd semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method

Grading (scale from 0 to 20)

Can retake in second session
Taught in
Faculty of Science and Bio-engineering Sciences
Responsible organisation
Educational Team:
  • Decaan WE (course titular)
    Activities and contact hours
    • 22 contact hours Lecture
    • 10 contact hours Seminar, Exercises or Practicals
    Course content
    The following topics will be covered:
    1. A general introduction followed by the basic concepts and the sources of international law, with special attention to the treaty-making process.
    2. Actors of international environmental policy, analysis of policy-making processes and the function and development of international regimes for the management of transboundary and global environmental problems.
    3. An overview of the institutional framework of international environmental governance.
    4. The environmental policy of the European Union: origin, legal basis and instruments.
    5. The development of international environmental policy from Stockholm through Rio to Johannesburg and beyond: from environmental protection to sustainable development; general principles and historical perspective.
    6. The international legal regime to address global warming: the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the perspectives for their future development.
    7. The international legal regime for the control of marine pollution: the global framework of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and regional marine environment protection conventions.
    8. The settlement of international environmental disputes: case studies.
    Course material
    • Course text (Required): International Environmental Policy and Law, A reader containing a selection of legal documents.
    Additional info

    A reader containing a selection of legal documents.

    Programme Objectives

    Algemene competenties

    The objectives of the course are: - to acquaint students with basic concepts of international law and policy - to familiarize students with the analysis of legal materials and political processes relevant to the solution of global environmental problems and - to give an overview of developments in the main areas of international environmental policy and law.

    The final grade is composed based on the following categories:

    • PRAC Presentation determines 100% of the final mark.

    Within the PRAC Presentation category, the following assignments need to be completed:

    presentation assignment with a relative weight of 1 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

    Note: Presentation of an assignment

    Additional info with regard to grading

    Presentation of an assignment.