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French V: Language and Culture

6 ECTS credits
150 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 1021037BER for all students in the 1st semester at a (B) Bachelor - advanced level.

Information about this course is applicable on academic year 2017-2018.

1st semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method

Grading (scale from 0 to 20)

Can retake in second session
Enrollment requirements
Studenten die dit opleidingsonderdeel opnemen, moeten geslaagd zijn voor 'Français I' en 'Français II'. Studenten die ingeschreven zijn in een verkort programma kunnen dit opleidingsonderdeel zo opnemen.
Taught in
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Responsible organisation
Linguistics and Literary Studies
Educational Team:
Activities and contact hours
  • 26 contact hours Lecture
  • 26 contact hours Seminar, Exercises or Practicals
  • 52 contact hours Independent or External Form of Study
Course content

This course offers a history of culture and focusses more specifically on modernity  in France and its neighbouring countries. Students
prepare the following periods in the historical overview of Claude
Lebedel: "La vie politique de 1870 à 1914", "Le choc des deux guerres
mondiales", "La France dans la seconde moitié du XXe siècle",
"La France, puissance mondiale, ascension et déclin".
 During classes these periods will be considered in more detail through:
a study of the poems of Rimbaud and his followers,
avant-garde work from Duchamp to Broodthaers,
the influence of American art on the post-war scene in France,
and the road-movie from Agnes Varda to Gus
Van Sant. The question of Americanism and anti-Americanism in
France will receive special attention here.

Course material
  • Handbook (Required): Histoire de la France, Claude Lebédel, Rennes, Editions Ouest-France, , 2003
  • Handbook (Required): Histoire culturelle de la France au XIXe siècle, Jean-Claude Yon
  • Handbook (Required): Histoire culturelle de la France au XXe siècle, Pascale Goetschel
Additional info

After contact times or by arrangemente

Programme Objectives


Emphasis on writing skills, knowledge of the time axis (cultural history
of France) and the ability to use academic texts for an analysis



The student has developed a cultural awareness of language use and
language attitudes in French.  • He understands the cultural connotations
specific to French • He can produce a text on the subject that is
correct in both content and language:  • He has knowledge of the social,
artistic and cultural structures of France.
Has achieved level C2 of the European reference framework


The final grade is composed based on the following categories:

  • Oral Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Oral Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

Oral examination with a relative weight of 100 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

Note: Oral examination with written preparation

Additional info with regard to grading

Students will be asked two questions in the examination.
One question on:
Histoire de la France (see Claude Lebedel)
A text or art work, whereby they discuss the parameters of the previously discussed period.