Research Management and Research Policy


Key objectives

A. the design of multidisciplinary poles of excellence, based on the pre-defined spearheads and the growth potential
B. the development of a high-quality broad research base through general incentives

Points of Interest

  • efficient scale
  • high-quality research output
  • efficient support for PhD students
  • scientific or academic integrity
  • internationalisation
  • gender balance
  • networking
  • social valorisation



Research Coordination

Global support of research and research policy is organised by the Research Coordination Unit. More specifically this unit is responsible for the conceptual, logistic and administrative basis of the research policy. They collect and spread information on funding possibilities for research, prepare, execute and follow-up quality control and the allocation of funds by a.o. the Research Council.

Research Information and Data Management

The Research Information and Data Management (RIDM)-team is responsible for collecting, managing and release of research information and data. This mainly means the management of the Current research Information System (CRIS) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pure. Additionally, the unit supports the implementation of the Open Access (via the repository) and Open Data policy. Being the main supplier of research information, RIDM's responsibilty is to guard and improve the data quality in the CRIS system. Last but not least, the unit plays a role in the further technologisation of the research policy.

Central PhD office and Doctoral Schools

The VUB creates a framework in which researchers are stimulated to choose their own path which makes research at the VUB more personal. Not only is it a reason to choose for the VUB but it's also a reason to stay. Because the VUB's support stays personal even after this choice. This philosophy is passed on at the start of the Doctoral training Programme and guarantees the young researchers's trajectory tailered to his/hers talents and ambitions. The Central PhD Office is the central point of contact for all (prospective) PhD students at the VUB. PhD students can turn to us for all matters related to the PhD process, which are not specific to their field of study.

Science Communication

The socialisation of research, that is the mission of the Expertise centre for Science Communication Brussels. It offers researchers personal guidance in the communication on their research and are experts in transforming a complex message to an attractive story for youngsters, teaching staff of the broad laymen public. Creative and susceptible communication guaranteeing the correctness scientific facts is their main objective.

European and International Research Projects

The VUB is an active player in European and International research and takes part in almost all important European and International research initiatives and actions. The hereby acquired funding adds to the realisation of innovative research and the rising number of employed researchers. Engaging herself to use the acquired knowledge in service of our society, the VUB contributes to science.

Research Unit Data & Policy

The aim of the interdisciplinary research done in the Research Unit Data and Policy (RUDP) is to scientifically support the university’s strategic policy concerning research, education and valorization. Reinforcing and clarifying our institutions' performance is hereby paramount. The research of RUDP links the VUB's core business and the valorisation of research answering societal challenges.

Scientific Integrity and Ethics at the VUB

Researchers strive for qualitative research that answers to the broadly supported ethical principles and norms. It is essential for VUB researchers to be informed of these principles and norms, stated in the Researcher's Charter, to recognise their importance and to apply them in their research. All scientific research has an impact and the researchers has the responsability to reflect on this. In the preparation of the research, the researches judges de acceptability of the research in light of these basic ethical principles and protocol. In case of doubt about the ethical acceptability of the planned research or when an advise is wanted, needed (for publication, project application or funding) or legally requested for the use of testing animals or experiments on humans, it is the responsability of the researchers to seek advice with the concerned ethical commission.

Research at the VUB

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Research & Data Management
Coordinator: M. Gijsemans

Tel: 02 629 21 08
Fax: 02 629 36 40 

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