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Do you already have a solid academic background in Computer Science and do you want to work toward an even deeper computer scientific understanding and knowledge? Then the master’s in Computer Science is the programme you’re looking for! The two-year programme has a broad scope but also offers a wide variety of highly specialised elective courses. As such, it actively prepares students for positions in contemporary computer scientific research and development.

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Students have their say

I am currently studying Computer Science, profile Web & Information Systems. I specifically chose this programme, because I wanted to get more experience and knowledge in the rapidly growing area of web technologies, methodologies and applications. The programme is demanding and it is not always easy to manage our time for the projects we are required to during the year. You need to manage your time well, but this prepares us for the pressure that comes with the job. We are also required to read a lot of papers and books. This helps to have an open mind, and helps you to realise there are so many recent technologies and there is so much research going on. I highly recommend this programme, even to some of the professors from my previous university.

Being an international student from Indonesia at VUB is truly one of the greatest experiences in my life so far. I made friends from different countries. We share and discuss not only things related to our study programme, but also about our cultures, food, languages, etc.

I am from Vietnam, a beautiful country in South East Asia. After finishing my Bachelor's degree, I worked there as a software developer for three years. I was tired of the daily routine and repetitiveness of my job. This stimulated me to try to pursue a higher education degree and to go out and see the world. I chose VUB because it is in Brussels - the heart of Europe - and it warmly welcomes international students. The Computer Science program in VUB is more challenging than I expected, but that also means I have learned a lot. It gave me the opportunity to learn many new challenging programming languages. The professors and teaching assistants are friendly and approachable, and they inspire me a lot.

I am from Egypt and just graduated from the two-year Master in Computer Science, profile Artificial Intelligence (AI). I would definitely recommend this challenging programme to all graduate students who want to reach a high level of research. The diversity of courses also allowed me to grasp the essence of research in different disciplines. I had a great time in Brussels, learned so much and made friends from all over the world.

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international opportunities

Did you know you can go abroad during your studies Computer Science at VUB? This is possible through the well-known Erasmus+ programme, but there is also a whole range of other possibilities both inside and outside of Europe.

You can go on Erasmus exchange to:


For more information, please contact us by mail: exchange.outgoing@vub.ac.be.

after your education


If you want to continue your academic career, you can apply for a PhD position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. All you need is a promoter, research subject and sufficient funding. Are you up for this challenge?

First step in the market

The VUB helps you to make your first step in the job market with workshops, networking events, job fairs, tips ‘n tricks for job interviews. All an ambitious student needs!

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