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Are you an experienced or future professional who wants to do business with China? Do you want to equip yourself with a fundamentally multidisciplinary and very comprehensive ‘China training’ (including: basic Chinese, intercultural management, the Chinese economy, exporting to and purchasing and investing in China) of high quality, enriched by the hands-on experiences of academics and professionals actively engaged in China? Then this is the academic post-graduate programme you’re looking for!

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Students have their say

I feel very fortunate for having found and completed the CBD program. The program is not only comprehensive but also pragmatic and down-to-earth. During my work experience in China at a Trade and Investment organization as well as at my current position as a specialist on business exchanges and investment in China, feedback from colleagues and business partners confirms that the program was well designed and prepares their students to be up-to-speed with the challenges and requirements they need.

My Erasmus Mundus year has been a life-changing experience. First, I got to see university life in Belgium, a country very different from mine. It was also great to meet students from all over the world, students from countries I knew nothing about before. Cultural diversity and sharing experiences... Integrating in this international society was the highlight of this year. Living away from home made me grow up as a person. During my Erasmus Mundus year, I got an internship at UNESCO, a career-boosting opportunity, an added-value by all means and a lot of good memories. The Erasmus year is just invaluable for me.

The China Business Development module offers an intense program touching upon different facets of doing business, providing you with a knowledge that is not only relevant to China, but can be used on a global scale. The real value lies in the hands-on approach, focusing on case building and practical exercises rather than on theory, a feature that can not be found in other relevant programs. The option of doing an internship in the second semester also provides the opportunity to not only put the acquired knowledge in practice, but even more to gain initial business experience.
The CBD course can definitely be an added value to any diploma, and can even be a kick-start for a successful career.

Picking the right course for your career is indeed difficult. Mind you, on enrolling to the Postgraduate in China Business Development I was afraid that the course would have not satisfied my expectations. But fortunately, I was wrong! Very young course, the postgraduate in CBD is able to provide students with theoretical knowledge as to Chinese political, social and economic matters, as well as practical job-oriented issues (e.g. Chinese language, import/export management, IPR, marketing and investment analysis): you will not find it as a typical “academic” course since you will be taught not only by professors but also by professionals and researchers of the field; what’s more, along the academic year, you have the great opportunity to participate in open seminars, where you can meet expertise and enhance your professional network.

The organization of the course is very flexible and “studentoriented” as it helps students achieve their goals rather than being cumbersome and bureaucratic. Talking about my personal experience, after the class-lessons, I received a couple of proposals for a traineeship in China (at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou and in another organization in Beijing), but I chose to have my internship in the banking sector in Brussels (a happy choice!): from the very beginning, I realized I was already trained enough to work on my own!

All in all, I can tell that the postgraduate in CBD and BICCS gives you a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally, whether you choose to seize it or squander it. I believe it is worth seizing it; it is up to you!

First step in the market

A post-academic certificate, bearing the name of the postgraduate course and signed by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, will be granted by the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies, after successfully finishing the complete programme.

Job prospects are plentiful. The postgraduate aims at producing graduates who are ready for professional life. The unique combination of an all-around training, in-depth courses, a high academic level, input from practitioners, networking events and professional experience guarantees that graduates will easily find and be successful in jobs such as export manager, purchasing or sourcing manager, investment manager or business development manager.

Apart from companies who do business with China, there are realistic job prospects in banks, for example in the international trade finance department, in the international investment finance department, and in corporate relations.

Finally, specialists in Chinese business find jobs in international organisations, governmental departments and in the field of diplomacy (e.g. Trade Commissioner).

The VUB helps you to make your first step in the job market with workshops, networking events, job fairs, tips ‘n tricks for job interviews. All an ambitious student needs!

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