Programme outline

Number of ECTS credits: 
Number of years: 
12 ECTS optional - in selected institutions and companies related to the subject area
Exchange possibilities: 
Possible with various exchange programmes
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Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus
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Pick a programme for Communication Studies: New Media and Society in Europe:

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Bachelor programmes

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Master programmes

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Master of Science in Communication Studies

After the master


Master of Communication Studies

New Media and Society in Europe
Academic year 2017-2018
MA Communication Studies Gener

Compulsory courses

There are 5 compulsory courses.
From the courses listed below, students must obtain 42 ECTS credits.
Title Course titular Semester ECTS credits
Advanced Methods for Communication Studies 1st semester 6
Theories on Media, Technology and Society 1st semester 6
Brussels Talking: Europe, Media and Society 2nd semester 6
EU Media and Communication Policy 2nd semester 6
Master Thesis in Communication Studies 1st and 2nd semester 18