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Are you attracted by a career in diplomacy or do you wish to further professionalize your diplomatic career? Then the Postgraduate in Economic Diplomacy is exactly what you are looking for. This academic postgraduate certificate offers you a specialized, comprehensive, and practically oriented programme that is unique in the world and designed to maximize your professional success.

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international opportunities

The Postgraduate in Economic Diplomacy is the first and only transcontinental programme in economic diplomacy.

In the second semester, students have the following possibilities:

  • Following 18 ECTS in Washington D.C.
  • Following 18 ECTS in Shanghai
  • Following 9 ECTS in Washington D.C. and 9 ECTS in Shanghai

First step in the market

The postgraduate aims at delivering graduates who are ready for professional life. Graduates will be well placed to take part in the diplomatic exams, especially the exams aimed at a career within economic diplomacy. 

Realistic job opportunities are also within governmental departments and international organisations.

Furthermore, due to the international business courses, graduates may find a job in the field of international business development (import, export, international investment).

Finally there are job prospects in banks, for example in the international trade finance department, in the international investment finance department, and in corporate relations.

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